Meet Victoria Justice's New Older Man, Ryan Rottman — He's BFFs With Zac Efron! Exclusive Details!

An insider confirms with Victoria Justice and her 'Victorious' co-star Ryan Rottman are casually dating. We've done some's everything you need to know about Vic's new guy! Victoria Justice is one of Hollywood's fastest rising starlets -- and now she has a gorgeous man on her arm. An insider tells the 18-year-old starlet has been getting romantically involved with her 26-year-old Victorious co-star, Ryan Rottman, and is happier than ever.

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“Vic just turned 18; her career is taking off and now she’s dating pretty much the hottest guy ever. She’s over the moon right now,” a source says after we saw the new couple together at the Kids’ Choice Awards April 2 and at a Lakers’ game April 3. “Ryan and Victoria started hanging out a bunch after he filmed his episode of Victorious. They are just having fun with each other. We’ll see where it goes.”

For those of you who didn’t see Ryan on Victorious, he played a kid named Ryder who asked Tori to sing a duet with him at the Full Moon Jam, but turned out to only be using her for a good grade. Obviously, we’d hate to see art imitate life, so we got the 411 on Ryan…and he seems like a pretty cool guy. Here’s what you need to know:

  • He’s good friends with Kellan Lutz and Zac Efron.
  • He dated Brittany Snow for two years after they met on the set of their movie, Walks. Sources confirmed their breakup in November.
  • He plays Joey, one of the leads on the show Gigantic on TeenNick.
  • He’s a health nut and has said he stays in shape with four intense work outs a week and eats super healthy.
  • He went to college at Texas Tech University, where he performed in plays and decided he wanted to make a career out of acting.
  • He loves watching comedies and has said his favorite TV shows are Seinfeld or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

What do YOU think of Victoria’s new man? Do you think they make a cute couple? How do you feel about their eight year age difference? Sound off below!

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