Tori Spelling’s Breast Implants Look Weird Because She May Be Pregnant, Experts Say!

Tori's boobs look kind of weird, no?? Is it just us, or is there some kind of indentation going on?? An expert told us this might be because she's having a baby! Tori Spelling's breast implants have always looked so large on her teeny-tiny frame, but recently they seem kind of wonky! spoke with plastic-surgery experts and they agree: If Tori is pregnant, this may be why her implants have gotten slightly unshapely!

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“It looks like they’ve sunk and they moved,” Dr. Steven Fallek, NYC-based plastic surgeon tells us. “They’ve dropped.”

Being pregnant affects implants. “Pregnancy generally changes the shape and size,” says Dr. Fallek.

“Pregnancy impacts the appearance of the breasts in obvious ways  — skin stretches out and thins, stretch marks may appear and implants may shift in response to these changes,” agrees plastic surgery industry consultant Wendy Lewis, who is known as the Knife Coach. “The bigger the implant, the more chances of sagging after pregnancy.”

“In these revealing photos of her in plunging necklines, you can see the edge of Tori’s implants and the breast contour appears to be distorted, which is clearly not desirable,” says Wendy.

So if Tori is pregnant, how far along is she? “Breasts significantly change at 3-4 months of pregnancy,” says Dr. Fallek.

But bottom line — Tori’s implants have some issues that have to be corrected. And if she is pregnant, she is going to have to wait until after she gives birth to proceed with having the “hollowing” problems fixed.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria suggests that Tori may have to have “fat grafted and put on top of the implant to camouflage” the sinking.

NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner recommends a possible breast lift.

Both Dr. Calabria and Dr. Schaffner agree that Tori would have to wait a minimum of 6 months after giving birth — or 6 months after finishing breast feeding — before having any new work done.

BFFs — do you think Tori should have her breast implants fixed?

– Lindsey DiMattina
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