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Come on, Tom & Katie: Time to Ditch Suri's Bottle — She's Almost 5!

Thu, February 17, 2011 12:34pm EDT by 8 Comments

The growing girl was spotted last week eating out with her parents—and she sipped a bottle all night. Experts warn it’s NOT OK!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ daughter, Suri, turns 5 in April, so it was surprising to see the little girl drinking from a bottle on Feb. 7, while out to dinner with her famous parents. “She was sipping from her bottle all night at a Thai restaurant,” and eyewitness tells Life & Style. While her parents may think it’s cute that she’s still using her baby bottle, experts say the habit could be hazardous to little Suri’s health.

Suri steps out with her two fav accessories — a fur coat and security blanket

“Older children who use a bottle could potentially rot their teeth and hurt their jawbone structure,” says dentist Patric Cohen. And psychologist Jenn Berman says, “Drinking from a bottle at her age is a regressive behavior and could incite teasing from her peers.”

So why does Suri still use her bottle? The finger could be pointed at Tom and Katie’s belief in Scientology, which recommends parents give their children a sugary formula of barley water, homogenized milk and corn syrup over breast-feeding.

Suri might have a sibling soon

And apparently this mixture is so delicious, celebrity kid Scientologists everywhere are scarfing it up! Leah Remini‘s daughter Sophia, 3, still drinks “six or more bottles a night,” and Leah says she “could see her drinking a bottle til she’s 16!”

So, what do you think of Suri drinking out of a bottle? She’s almost 5-years-old!