Camille Grammer: There's No Way I'm Going To Kelsey's Wedding — I'll Be At Our Daughter's Talent Show!

Camille says she wasn't invited to Kelsey and Kayte's wedding, but she wouldn't have gone anyway! Besides, their daughter has a talent show the same day. Can you blame her? Kelsey Grammer is marrying his 29-year-old girlfriend only weeks after his divorce from Camille Grammer was finalized. And despite the reports claiming otherwise, Camille says she's not attending the upcoming nuptials because she wasn't invited AND their nine-year-old daughter has a talent show.

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“I don’t want to be involved with the wedding, not at all,” the Real Housewives star told People. “But I don’t begrudge him his happiness.”

She said their daughter, Mason, has a talent show that same day and would rather be there with her mom than at her dad’s impromptu wedding.

Camille explained, “I told her, ‘Mason, you can go. Please, if you want to go to your Daddy’s wedding, please do,’ and she said, ‘No, Mommy. I want to go to my talent show.’ ”

She added, “I’ll be the proud mom in the front row.”

Even though Kelsey and Camille’s daughter is skipping the wedding, their six-year-old son, Jude, is going — and Camille said she told Mason she could skip the show and go as well.

“If Mason wanted to go, I’d let her go,” Camille said. “I would never hold my children back from that. I would never want them to resent me for holding them back from their father’s wedding.”

We can’t even imagine going through the relationship drama Camille’s dealt with the last year and we’re impressed with her maturity with the whole situation. Do you think she should make Mason go to her dad’s wedding, or is it right to let her daughter decide for herself?

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