Has Jennifer Lopez Had Work Done? Expert Docs Say Yes!

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Celebrity experts agree — she’s had ‘injectables in her forehead and cheeks!’ Was this necessary for someone already so gorgeous? Vote now!

So, I was flipping through photos of Jennifer Lopez, 41,  yesterday and I was struck at how amazing her face looks. Like, REALLY struck at how her “fresh” her face appears! Has JLo had a little bit of work done? I called the experts to weigh in…

Dr. Bruce Katz, board-certified dermatologist and Director of the Juva Skin and Laser Center, thinks she’s definitely had a little work done. “She’s had some Botox to elevate her eyebrows, probably Juvederm or Restalyne injected to plump the lips, and possibly had Radiesse injected in the cheeks to make them plumper.” He definitely thinks she looks great, though. “It looks natural, she doesn’t look overdone. She’s just restoring volume lost over age. She looks great. She’s gotten better with age.”

Dr. Steven Pearlman, New York City facial plastic surgeon, agrees with the assessment but with a twist. “Maybe the cheeks are slightly higher because of the way she’s smiling, but it’s possible she might have had something done to the cheeks. I believe she’s had Botox because there are no lines on her forehead and there are no crow’s feet but she had it done previously.” He also like JLo’s face. “(The work is )Very tastefully done. It’s not as obvious as some other work you see out there.”

What do you think, BFFs? Do you think La Lopez might have had a little work done? Vote now!

BTW, you can learn more about plastic surgery, injectables and more important medical matters from the good doctors at realself.com Always consult the experts before considering such a thing for your gorgeous face, BFFs!


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