'Breaking Dawn' Werewolf Chaske Spencer Shares His Tips For Bulking Up!

Want your boyfriend to get into vampire-fighting shape? Chaske tells you how to make it happen! He's the leader of the pack ... literally! Chaske Spencer, 35, who plays alpha werewolf male "Sam Uley" in the Twilight saga, knows what it takes to get that hot six-pack that he and the rest of his werewolf pack show off in the upcoming fourth installment, Breaking Dawn. HollywoodLife.com caught up with the star Nov. 8 during the The Promise Effect book launch at the Chelsea Room in NYC, and he spilled all the secrets to getting in Twi-hard shape!

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Here’s what Chaske’s doing to get in shape for Breaking Dawn:

  • Get a trainer: “I’ve got a trainer at Crunch and we’ve been working together for months.”
  • Gain weight if you need to build mass: “Before New Moon, [my weight] was 170 pounds. I’m like 205 right now! I went through my little chunky phase and that was great because I was just eating and eating. Summertime I was eating everything I could.”
  • Then get cut by dropping the carbs. “Now that I’m trimming down, I’m cutting out carbs. I’m drinking three to four protein shakes [a day] and no bread!”
  • Eat smaller meals! Chaske suggests four to six tiny meals a day.
  • Get those legs moving! “I’m running like four to six miles a day.”
  • Lift weights and bench press! “[My trainer] put two 45 [pound weights] on today. We start off at 12 repetitions, then we go to 10 and 8. But, he’s spotting me as well.”
  • Give yourself one day a week to cheat! “One day a week, I eat what I want. ‘ll have pizza or a burger or something.”

There you go! Now you know how those sexy werewolves get their incredible bodies — so go ahead and share his tips with your boyfriend so he can buff up his bod too!

— Lindsey DiMattina

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