EXCLUSIVE! Tenley Molzahn Tells Us ‘Ali Fedotowsky Had Me Fooled – I Never Would Have Known She Was In Love!’

Tenley says she saw Ali immediately after The Bachelorette stopped shooting — and she definitely didn’t look like a girl who looked happily engaged!

When it comes to newly engaged The Bachelorette couple Ali Fedotowksy and Roberto Martinez, everyone is asking the same question: will it last? Tenley Molzahn, Ali’s former rival for Jake Pavelka‘s affections on The Bachelor, says she isn’t so sure their love will last!

“The funny thing is, I saw Ali right after she returned home from filming The Bachelorette – right before I left to film the Bachelor Pad– and she had me fooled! I would never have known she was engaged to someone and so in love!” the season 14 runner-up told HollywoodLife.com exclusively at KIIS FM’s Teen Choice Lounge at the W Los Angeles-Westwood August 6.

She added, “I hope it will last…but just like any relationship, they still have to go through some testing times. ”

As for any advice she could give the happy – and newly engaged – couple, Tenley advises they shy away from the limelight. “They are going to be out together, photographed together and interveiwed together, they can keep it real through all that. But when it comes to trying to be at every single party, I think that’s when it gets a little tough, just not focusing on the two of them and alone time for themselves, and getting caught up in all that. As long as they love each other, and just hang on to one another and make time for that, then I think they will be good.”

As for her own love life, Tenley says she ‘may’ have somebody – bust isn’t ruling out a relationship with The Bachelorette’s recent runner-up Chris Lambton. “He’s a good catch! A nice guy!” she enthused. ” I might not be looking at the moment, so we will have to see where that ends up. Chris is a really great guy!”

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