EXCLUSIVE 'HILLS' SCOOP! Stephanie Pratt Tells Us She And Kristin Cavallari Have Made Up! Do You Believe Her?

Courtesy of MTV
Courtesy of MTV

Listen up BFFs we spoke with Steph last night in LA and she tells us even though you see fighting on The Hills she wants YOU to know the truth!

We have the EXCLUSIVE scoop! We must admit we love the drama that fills the Hollywood Hills each week on MTV at 10pm but it turns out a little feud you see on The Hills has been resolved! We ran into Stephanie Pratt at the LA premiere of Letters to Juliet and she revealed that she and Kristin have fully kissed and make up.

“Tonight is my redemption,” she says. “Lo and I get the blame off us finally because obviously we didn’t start those rumors. There is obviously a character that started those rumors.”

Okay, let me backtrack for a second. There were and still are rumors circulating that Hills star Kristin Cavallari has a major drug problem. After a weekend in Miami on the season premiere of The Hills, some major drama exploded. Several mags began reporting Kristin’s alleged drug use and immediately Kristin blamed Steph and Lo Bosworth. Needless to say there’s been plenty of tension on the past three episodes of The Hills BUT Steph tells HollywoodLife.com that all is well in the land of spray tans, shopping, and more shopping. “YES! YES!! We’ve made up!”

We’re glad to hear everyone is all chummy again … but let’s hope Spencer Pratt does something insane so we have something to keep the season going … it’s only the third episode!

-Chloe Melas & Russ Weakland

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