Court Papers Allege Bruce Springsteen Affair with Sexy Redhead — NEW DETAILS EMERGE!


Can you believe The Boss allegedly picked up 45-year-old real-life NJ housewife Ann Kelly at the gym … then had a full-on affair, according to Kelly’s estranged husband? Remember: Bruce has been married to another red-headed stunner, Patti Scialfa, for 18 years!

There are shocking new allegations emerging in the alleged affair between Bruce Springsteen and Ann Kelly, 45, a New Jersey housewife whom Bruce reportedly met at the gym, and then met for lunch dates and eventually was involved with in a full-blown relationship. Accusations that Kelly and Springsteen hooked up exploded about a year ago, when Kelly’s husband Arthur Kelly filed for divorce.

According to divorce papers obtained by the New York Post, Arthur Kelly lays out the story of the affair between his wife and Bruce, and claims that they met at a fancy Red Bank, NJ gym.

Bruce was a real boor, says Arthur in court papers: He would allegedly stand at the end of the treadmill as Ann ran because, as Bruce supposedly told Ann, he was admiring her butt — the “nicest ass” in the gym.

Ann also claimed, according to court papers, that Bruce would sing to her in rehearsal, and send her tickets to shows.

Bruce has been accused of adultery before: In 2002, he was accused of having a tryst with a 9-11 widow, and, back in 1989, he was accused of cheating on his then-wife Julianne Phillips with current wife Scialfa.

Ann Kelly has denied any affair, and Bruce’s people didn’t comment on the Post’s story.

We can’t get over how much Bruce’s alleged mistress Ann looks exactly like his wife, Patti. Seriously, she’s a dead ringer!

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