Brooke Shields Confesses She Doesn't Want Her Kids To Model!

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Brooke, you made your entire career from modeling and yet you would rather your kids not?

Brooke Shields started her career as a model at the age of 11 months! It may not have been her choice but she is now 44 with years of modeling/acting under her belt and is still at the front row of every fashion show! You would think that she would have very fond memories of her former and current glamourous life but according to WONDERWALL, Brooke reveals “I hope they don’t want to” model.
Although I am sure she is very greatful for the life she has been given it seems to us it must have not all been fun and games otherwise, why else would she not want her children to go down the same path. She does make it clear though she will not stop them from choosing any career they want, even if it is modeling, but she will enforce and encourage a good education. She says “they get to have a huge say in [their career choices] but they can’t do anything else until they get an education.” Good for you Brooke! We think you have made a wonderful model and we are sure you kiddies will too but kudos to you for making your kids education number 1! –Jennifer Murray

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