JWoWW, Where Did You Get Your Personalized Panties?


If you can’t get enough of JWoWW’s ripped shirts and low rise jeans, you’re in for a treat with her latest get-up!

Before Jersey Shore, the last time I saw someone dancing around in their underwear, (besides Lady Gaga, of course), was when I encountered a group of girls on Halloween dressed up in Risky Business costumes— now my Thursday nights are full of thongs in hot tubs and blurred out crotch-shots and luckily, this week was no different! JWoWW (née Jenni Farley) managed to top her slew of scantily-clad outfits when she decided to go out in her underwear—the trance-dancing diva broke out the dressiest pair of personalized panties she owned and paired them with fishnets. While she battled on the dancefloor, I noticed the word “Rockstar” gleaming across her butt, while the front of her panties bared her nickname, “JWoWW,” (among other things). When I saw her getting ready I never expected her to leave the house without putting something over her undergarments, but what was I thinking? If I’ve learned anything from JWoWW, Snooki, and Sammi Sweetheart, it’s that these girls aren’t shy.

So, if you’re dying to scoop up a pair of personalized panties you’re in luck! I’m guessing JWoWW designed her pair at the t-shirt shop on the Boardwalk in Seaside where she works with her housemates—sadly most shore stores are seasonal, but luckily at Customized Girl you can create your own–although we recommend saving them strictly for the bedroom!

–Katrina Mitzeliotis

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