Six Things You Never Knew About Katherine Boecher!


High fashion model turned actress!

You may know Katherine Boecher from any one of her appearances on shows like CSI, Heroes, or The Closer just to name a few. Katherine stars a Russian spy in the upcoming Jackie Chan film The Spy Next Door which hits theaters Jan. 15!

But there’s a lot about this Texas girl that we don’t know! We got Katherine to open up and tell us more about her life!

1. They ate as a cast on The Spy Next Door: Jackie Chan is really big on family style dinners. We would go and share the same dishes and have wine. He would sit and tell us stories about how he used to make 80 cents a day when he first started acting.

2. She wanted to be a horse trainer: I started out in the entertainment world so I could make enough money to get my own horse! I wanted to go up and train and breed horses.

3. Katherine loves yoga: I’m a fanatic when it comes to working out. Yoga changed my life. I go between 4 and 6 times a week. It’s incredibly grounding and an intense level of focus.

4. I have 3 pets: I have two cats and a dog. Biscuit is my cat and my dogs are Tribeca and Peanut.

5. I sing when I’m scared: When I’m really freaked out I sing almost anything, like the songs from Sister Act 2.

6. She’s married: I’ve been married a little over three years. We met through mutual friends.

Sounds like maybe Kate’s next movie should be a musical! — Chloe Melas

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