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Organize Your Perfumes With the Best Perfume Trays

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If you’re in the market for a new perfume tray that’s both stylish and convenient, look no further because we rounded up all of the best trays that you will absolutely love.

When it comes to perfume trays, it’s important to find a piece that’s functional, practical, and decorative. Perfume trays are a pretty way to display your essentials while also being accessible. Below we rounded up all of our top picks including a mirrored tray, a marble tray, and even a large round tray with handles.

Whether you’re putting your tray in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room – we rounded up all of our top picks. No matter what your style is, you will be sure to find one you love when you click through our list! Here are our top perfume trays of 2024!

Our Favorite Perfume Tray of 2024

PuTwo Gold Mirror Tray  —  Best Overall

If you’re looking for a perfume tray that’s both functional and stylish, then this is the perfect option for you. The tray measures 11.8 x 7.3 x 2 inches and is a gold metal rectangle with a mirrored bottom. It’s ideal for small spaces as it doesn’t take up too much room and you can either keep it for yourself or give it as a gift.

Emibele Organizer Resin Tray  —  Runner Up

This dish is the ultimate organizer because it’s simple, classic, and small. Whether you want to keep your perfumes all in one place or you’re jewelry together, this marble tray is a great choice. It is small, waterproof, and easy to clean, plus, it doesn’t have sides, so it can easily be stored away or placed in any room in the house without taking up space. Even better, it’s available in four different colors – black, white, pink, and blue.

Purzest Large Gold Perfume Tray  —  Honorable Mention

This tray is small enough to fit in any room in your house and it measures 11.8 x 7.3 x 2 inches. It’s simple, practical, and stylish as it’s made of gold and mirrors. Not only does it store your perfumes, but it also puts them on a gorgeous display and allows you to easily access them. Whether you place the tray in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room – it will surely stand out. The tray makes a great gift as well.

ADOUS HOUSE Metal Mirrored Tray  —  Contender

This gold mirrored piece is the ultimate tray. The large circle dish is made from gold hardware with a mirrored bottom and it has a round shape that makes it easy to store multiple perfumes. The best part about the tray is that it has two handle slots on either side so you can easily transport it to different parts of your home. It’s easily accessible, decorative, and convenient.

Buying Guide: Perfume Trays

Perfume bottles are designed to look beautiful to catch your eye. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and most look great as an ornament. However, when you have a collection of different perfumes, they can begin to look cluttered.

Perfume trays will instantly tidy up the perfume bottles, and turn a lot of mismatched perfume bottles into a single beautiful feature. Perfume trays are both beautiful and functional. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

For this reason, choosing the right perfume tray for your needs might seem like a daunting task. However, there are several things you can consider to ensure you purchase a great product. Continue reading to see our recommendations for the finest perfume trays in 2024.

Everything You Need to Think About When Buying a Perfume Tray


Choose a perfume tray that is large enough to fit all of your perfume bottles as well as a little space for new perfumes. Consider how much space you have on your dressing table, or anywhere else you want to place the perfume tray. Choose a perfume tray that fits in this space and is not near the edge of a table where it may slip.


A perfume tray is available in a variety of shapes. Some of these include:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Hexagon
  • Circle


Perfume trays come with different styles of frames. They can be quite tall or very short. You may want a frame that is a solid piece of material or a frame with gaps so you can better see the perfume bottles and base of the tray.

Mirror tray

Perfume trays have a mirror at the base of the tray. This will make it look as though you have more perfume, but also create a greater illusion of space. They will also brighten up your room because the mirror will reflect light.


If you have modern decor in the room you are placing your perfume tray, a metallic tray may be an excellent option for you. This style of tray also suits rooms with mirrors, silver, and chrome color palettes.


A quilted perfume tray has an opulent yet traditional look. It is a great stylistic option for a room filled with floral designs and other feminine themes. Quilted perfume trays come in a range of colors. You may want something subtle like pastel pinks or blues. Alternatively, you could choose bold colors like red or purple to suit your personality and decor.


Wooden trays look great in rooms with a lot of natural wooden furniture or exposed floorboards. You can choose the wood type based on the type of wood your furniture is made from. Painted wooden perfume trays are also available.

Perfume tray set

Some perfume trays come in multiple sets. You may prefer spreading your perfume collection among multiple trays, as this could make your room look tidier. If you like to keep some perfumes in your bathroom and some in your bedroom, purchasing a set of perfume trays is also a great option. You could also use an extra perfume tray to place whisky and whisky glasses.

Vintage perfume trays

There is something very vintage about a perfume tray in the first place. You can add to its vintage style by purchasing a vintage perfume tray. Perfume trays have been around since around the 1800s. You could look for traditional perfume trays from about this time or replicas of similar-looking perfume trays.


Marble perfume trays are heavier than the other options mentioned. However, they are extremely durable and equally elegant. You can purchase a perfume tray made from real marble or opt for a tray made from plastic that looks like marble.


Consider purchasing a perfume tray with two handles. This will allow you to carry the tray and perfumes more easily and reduce the risk of dropping them. The handles should be durable, and large enough for you to comfortably hold.

Two levels

Some perfume trays have an upper level. This is a less traditional design, as it no longer looks like a typical tray. This type of perfume tray is a great way to create extra shelf space on a flat surface and fully display your perfume selection.

Customer reviews

When you find a perfume tray within your budget, read the product’s customer reviews. This will let you know if the product looks like the advertised photos. It will also give you a good idea of the product's durability, and if it arrives damaged often.

How We Determine the Top Perfume Trays for Our Recommendations

To choose the top perfume trays we consider the following things:

  • The size of the perfume tray
  • The style of the perfume tray; including color and shape
  • The materials used to make the tray
  • The weight of the perfume tray
  • Customer reviews
  • Cost

What Else Can You Store on a Perfume Tray?

There are many things you can store on a perfume tray to make it look more ornate. For example, many people choose to store crystals, jewelry, and even flowers on a perfume tray. This is a great way to add some personality to your vanity table and make getting ready for a night out even better.