Boost Your Height With the Best Platform Sandals

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A lot of women like to wear heels, wedges, or stilettoes to boost their height and create a more slender silhouette. However, they can cause excessive strain in your feet and ankle bones. According to several podiatrists, it's proven that if you wear high heels too much, your foot's structure may suffer over time. Therefore, if you want that increase in physical height without compromising the comfort of your feet, getting a pair of great platform sandals is a must. They come with heels that are almost even throughout the entire structure, which means you can walk more comfortably without having to endure pain in your ankle bone. These sandals come in different designs and color options, so you should easily be able to find a pair that is ideal for casual outings, formal events, office purposes, and so on. If you don’t have budget limitations, don’t hesitate to buy multiple pairs that you can style with different outfits. Check out some of our favorite platform sandals of 2024 below!

Comparing the Nicest Platform Sandals of 2024 in Detail

Soda Oxley-S Sandals  —  Best Overall

platform sandals reviews

Key Features

  • Thick cushioned insole for more comfort
  • Synthetic material construction has reduced its weight
  • The black-colored body will incorporate a striking fashion appeal
  • 3-inch heel to give you more height

With a matte black color and shimmering straps, this pair of platform sandals will go well with any casual attire. They’re not only fashionable but also comfortable, as the heel is about 3 inches long, while the height is approximately 2 to 2.5 inches at the front, which means you won't feel the strain on your feet that people usually have after wearing high heels.

What’s more, the sandal's outsole is made from a hard synthetic material that supports your feet, while its insole is manufactured from a ¼-inches-thick cushion rubber that won’t make your feet hurt. It is also reinforced with black cloth straps that will feel gentle and soft against your skin.

Steve Madden Sandals  —  Runner-Up

platform sandals reviews

Key Features

  • Elastic loop to secure your foot properly and provide you with a snug fit
  • Beautiful black and brown color combination
  • Flat 1.75 inches height to provide a significant boost in your height
  • Suede insole cover for additional comfort and softness

This is truly a bespoke wedge sandal that will enhance your fashion game and suit both casual and semi-formal attire. Its height of 1.75 inches will give you that desirable tall silhouette without causing any pain in your foot. Moreover, the elastic top belts will keep your foot in place and prevent it from slipping along the insole. Speaking of the insole, it is covered with suede material that will add more comfort. Along the sidewalls of the sandal, there is a beautiful tread mark pattern in a light beige color that accentuates its overall beauty by ten fold. Furthermore, its elastic loop will fit snugly around your ankle without putting any pressure on the bone or causing wounds or burns.

Teva Universal Sandal  —  Most Comfortable

platform sandals reviews

Key Features

  • Hook and loop closure give you a secure fit
  • Durabrasion rubber sole has increased its overall lifetime
  • Reinforced with a fabric lining for reduced friction against your skin
  • Velcro straps for easy adjustment

With this pair of platform sandals, you will experience comfort that heels usually lack. Its sole is manufactured from ethylene-vinyl acetate that reduces its weight, meaning you can easily walk without feeling any pain or ache in your foot. What’s more, its straps are made from thick nylon fabric that won't break easily. Since it is reinforced with a hook and loop closure, the sandal will stay secured around your foot and provide you with a snug fit.

Thanks to its comfortable cushioned footbed and universal fit, this platform sandal is best for trekking, casual outings, or other leisurely purposes. Additionally, the base of the sandal has a textured surface that ensures maximum control and grip, preventing you from slipping. Because the heel is about 1.5 inches tall and the front platform has a height of approximately 1.075 inches, you will get a notable increase in your height as soon as you put them on.

Herstyle Carita Wedge Sandals  —  Best Value For Money

platform sandals reviews

Key Features

  • Open-toe silhouette for easy fit
  • Bolstered with buckle straps to secure the platform sandal effortlessly
  • Cushioned insole offers optimal comfort to your foot
  • Base comes with grooves, providing balance and control over the sandal

This platform heel is quite affordable, and thus, you won't have to worry about your budget. Even though its price is low, no compromise has been made with its quality, construction, strength, or looks. It has a rubber sole that will last for a long time without showing any sign of wear and tear or abrasions. This material is also light, and therefore, you can easily walk in it without enduring the podiatric pain that usually happens when footwear has hard and stiff soles.

Since its insole is made from a soft, cushioned material, it will offer maximum comfort to your foot while also reducing slippage. What’s more, the sandal is reinforced with buckle ankle straps so that it can fit easily around your foot. The heel has an approximate height of 2.75 inches, while the platform is around 2 inches tall, boosting your height and making you look taller effortlessly.

Clarks Shaylie Sandal  —  Also Consider

platform sandals reviews

Key Features

  • Reinforced with hook and loop closure for easy adjustments
  • Curved front design has added a feminine statement to the sandal
  • Elastic upper offers a secured and proper fit
  • Open-toe construction puts less pressure on your toes

If you want a platform sandal with a little less heel height but still a fashionable appearance, this is the best option for you. Their straps have a combination of a light beige and washed grey color. On the other hand, its outsole is white, while the base has a dark grey shade. Such a unique color combination will help you pair this sandal with formals, casual, and even partywear outfits.

Because the heel has a height of 1.57 inches, it will boost your height subtly without making it too obvious. Therefore, you can wear it for casual and formal purposes without any hesitation. In addition, the insole has a cushion material lining that offers maximum comfort to your foot. Thus, you won't have to deal with an aching foot despite wearing it all day. The upper straps are also elastic, offering a universal and snug fit.

How to Find the Perfect Platform Sandals: A Buying Guide

Due to the presence of so many platform sandals on the market, choosing the best pair for yourself can be intimidating. Deciding in haste may put you in a tight spot, as the sandals may fail to meet your expectations. Moreover, if you get a pair that isn’t suitable, walking in them and maintaining your balance might be extremely difficult. That’s why you need to make a little effort in determining the quality of platform sandals based on certain aspects, starting from size and going to color. Below we have created a detailed buying guide to help you find out all the nitty-gritty details of these sandals and how to grab up the perfect pair.

How Are Platform Sandals Different From Normal Heels?

  • The height of platform sandals is determined by considering both its heel and front frame. When it comes to regular heels, though, their height is determined by the distance between your ankle and the ground surface.
  • Platform sandals’ have a box-style heel with a flat base, meaning you can easily walk on sand, marble floor, asphalt roads, lawn, and more while wearing them. This is not possible with other heels, however, because they have pointed ends that put pressure on the ground and make walking much more difficult.
  • Platform sandals will maintain your foot's flat structure, which is not possible with a stiletto or a high wedge sandal.

What Are the Main Factors You Should Consider When Picking Out Platform Sandals?


Just like any other footwear, platform sandals are also available in different sizes. However, the size range isn't the same for every pair, which means you should carefully pick sandals that fit you properly. For example, let's say your foot size is 7.5. If half sizes aren’t available, you’ll need a pair available in size 8 because if you choose a pair of size 7s, they may squeeze your foot bones. As a result, you will face great difficulty walking around and wearing them all day long.


Platform sandals can help you make a striking fashion statement and accentuate your style and appearance. However, if you fail to choose the right design, they won’t create the appeal and charm you’re looking for. That's why you should think about what you truly want before picking out the best and most appropriate sandal design. For example, a regular platform wedge sandal with no particular structure will be best for casual attires. But, if you want to wear them to the office or a formal event, make sure the sandal has a sophisticated and subtle design.

Upper construction

Different platform sandals have different upper constructions. In some sandals, you’ll have a singular front strap with an open-toe design and an ankle strap with no closure. Since these sandals have a simple upper, you can quickly put them on or take them off. However, a few platform heels have two or more front straps and a closed ankle strap, which are better for people who have to wear sandals for a long time and need a more secure fit.


Another factor that you must consider is the material with which the sandals are manufactured. They are usually made from synthetic materials like rubber and ethylene-vinyl acetate, which are highly durable, hard, and can resist wear and tear easily. They also ensure you can walk easily without dealing with podiatric pain that usually occurs when you wear a sandal with a hard and extremely stiff base.

Moreover, the upper straps are mainly made from fabrics like nylon or any other elastic textile material. This ensures that you can wear the sandals quickly, even if you have a broader foot structure. Another essential factor you have to take into account is the insole lining material. In some sandals, the inner lining has a soft and cushioned material that reduces strain in your foot, while other products have suede or leather lining that improves the look and reduces slipperiness.


There are typically two main types of closures—Velcro straps and hook and loop. Velcro straps are easy to use and don't need a lot of time for adjustment. But sometimes, these closures may not perform well because the Velcro can wear out quickly. That's where the hook and loop closures come into play because they offer maximum fit and will keep your foot secured in one position. However, they have a complex design that will cost you some time to adjust.


If you do not consider the height of the platform sandals, you may end up buying a pair of sandals that will cause pain to your feet every time you wear them. That's why you need to make sure to get a pair where the height won't cause any hurdle in walking or balancing your body. For example, if you haven't worn heels for quite a long time and want to buy platform sandals, choose a lower height, as it will help you walk appropriately without spraining your ankle or falling. Typically front frame heights vary between 1.075 inches to 2 inches, while the heels are 1.5 to 3 inches tall.

What Is the Average Cost of Platform Sandals?

The average cost of platform sandals ranges between $13.51 and $173.99, as they are available in different forms, designs, styles, colors, and features. For example, sandals with an elastic fabric upper strap will cost less than a pair that has thick nylon straps. Similarly, a pair with suede or leather insole lining will cost more than sandals lacking these features.

In What Ways Can You Use Platform Sandals for Fashion and Styling?

Based on the design of platform sandals, you can style them in various outfits like:

  • Wearing these heels with loose formal pants or palazzos will help you achieve more height and maintain your balance while walking.
  • You can even pair a casual platform sandal with swimwear, a beach outfit, or a regular casual dress to get cool vibes.
  • Some pairs have a semi-formal look, so you can style with them an office suit, semi-formal dress, or even sundress.