Go Outdoor Trekking With The Best Hiking Boots For Women

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There are few hobbies in life more rewarding than hiking. It’s a great way to connect with nature and see the world around you. You get to experience things that you normally can’t experience in cities or towns. And all the meanwhile, you’re losing weight and getting fit in the process. It’s a win-win situation, but you can’t just do it with a pair of flip-flops and a dream.

To make sure you get to hike safely and easily, you need the right equipment. With hiking boots, you can traverse through dirt, sand, mud and more. No matter what terrain you pass through, the top hiking boots for women in 2022 are designed to make the journey as stable as possible. This year, consider trying out our favorites listed below.

Comparing the Top Hiking Boots for Women in 2022

Columbia Hiking Boots for Women  —  Best Overall

While they may be pretty expensive, these hiking shoes for women by Columbia are definitely worth every penny. They come in a variety of colors and designs to suit the fashion-conscious hiker, and the advanced sealed construction of the midsole guarantees a safe and comfortable walking experience. They’ve also got special rubber that secures a good grip on all kinds of terrain you step on, ensuring you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature brings you. With a leather and suede exterior and a comfortable interior, it’s no wonder this boot is our best overall pick.


  • Posh and stylish exterior design
  • Comes in many different colorways and designs
  • Provides a steady grip across all sorts of terrain


  • Suede can very easily lose its feel after hiking for a while

Keen Hiking Boots  —  Waterproof Boots

Traveling through damp forests or during rain showers can really rain on your parade (pun intended). This is especially true if you’re wearing shoes or boots — they’ll become damp, making your feet smell bad and feel awful to walk on. To prevent this, you can either check the weather forecast and plan accordingly or just get yourself a pair of these waterproof hiking boots for women by Keen. They’re designed to let vapor from your skin outside while preventing water from entering, ensuring your feet stay high and dry no matter the situation.


  • Waterproof material on boots
  • Lets moisture out to keep your feet sweat-free
  • Made from 100% leather


  • Costs quite a bit of money

Merrell Hiking Boots for Women  —  Most Affordable

Hiking boots are made to last long, and because of this, they can cost you a pretty penny. But do they have to? Merrell’s own hiking boots for women punch above their price point with a pair of durable shoes that you can get for around $100 or so depending on the color and the size you choose. They’re made with a synthetic sole and pigskin leather, with a toe cap that keeps the tip of your feet nice and protected. There’s also a bellows tongue to prevent any debris from entering, a feature that’s especially useful when traveling near sand, gravel or any similar terrain.


  • Affordable hiking boots
  • Made with pigskin leather
  • Toe cap to protect your feet


  • Some shoe sizes cost a lot more than others

Skechers Hiking Boots for Women  —  Most Comfortable

Too often hikers or would-be hikers focus on the heavy-duty aspect of hiking as opposed to the experience as a whole. You see, hiking can be fun when you think about it, but doing the actual hiking can feel extremely exhausting, especially if you’re new. In particular, your feet will feel swollen and tired, preventing you from taking another step. That’s why it’s worth investing in hiking boots for women that are comfortable to wear such as these ones by Skechers. They’ve got a rubber sole that’s got air-cooled memory foam, ensuring your feet stay nice and relaxed no matter how far you walk.


  • Lined with air-cooled memory foam
  • Mesh fabric panels for breathability
  • Plenty of room inside the shoe for appropriate size


  • Designs and colorways look a little off

Anjoufemme Hiking Boots  —  Best Winter Boots

Hiking boots may be usable outdoors during most of the year, but you’ll need a special type of boot if you want to travel during the winter season. These hiking boots for women by Anjoufemme are perfect for urban travel across the city and even in smaller towns. They’ve got a premium design that looks great when paired with a nice bag and coat. There’s a platform heel, too, with a 1.50-inch heel — not too tall, but tall enough to notice a difference. The warmth inside the shoes is great, too, so you won’t feel cold when you wear these shoes outside.


  • Great for keeping your feet warm in the winter
  • Matches well with coats and other pieces of clothing
  • Has a 1.50-inch heel


  • Not suited for off-road and rugged terrain

Buying Guide: Hiking Boots For Women

Hiking boots are must-haves for hiker novices and veterans alike. This is what you should know about hiking boots before your next hiking trip.

The Dangers of Hiking Unprepared

It is no understatement to say that the wilderness is a dangerous and uncaring place. You cannot easily change the whims of Mother Nature, especially on your own, and you’re at the mercy of the elements if you want to be able to explore it. As such, you must give nature its due respect and explore it with the right equipment, and that includes the use of hiking boots.

Hiking boots are designed with one thing in mind — safety. The safety of you, the wearer. It keeps you safe in multiple ways, and by wearing it from the beginning of the hiking trip to the end, you have a much better chance of coming back home without injury or accident.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Pair of Hiking Boots

They allow you to walk on various terrain

Unless you know with absolute certainty the lay of the land, it can be difficult to know or prepare for whatever path lies ahead. It could be a beaten dirt path, a muddy patch of soil, sand or even a stream or creek. These changes in terrain are not ideal for your average pair of shoes and as such you’ll need something designed for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Hiking boots are able to handle most terrain, and if you learn how to hike properly, you can traverse these difficult obstacles without much issue.

They keep your feet safe

Your feet are very important to you when hiking, as it’s what you rely on to travel from Point A to Point B and back without injury. Any scratches or injuries your feet incur during the hike can put you at serious risk. As such, it’s a good idea to keep your feet safe from twigs, stones and insects such as leeches. With a pair of hiking boots, that’s something you can easily do.

They’re a form of fashion

Hiker’s fashion is still fashion, and you can look great in photos if you pair your outfit with your shoes and other accessories right. Of course, since hiking is such an involved hobby, people won’t really care too much if your outfits don’t match perfectly, but if you prefer keeping up with appearances there are at least a few options available in the market to make you look great as you hike.

How About Hiking Sandals?

As an alternative to hiking shoes or boots, hiking sandals are often used in hiking and trekking, too. The main difference between sandals and shoes is the shape — while shoes cover the foot from top to bottom, sandals leave a lot of open space. This makes them much better for things like crossing streams and rivers. 

Hiking sandals, however, also have their downsides. They do not offer as much protection as a pair of hiking boots, and this means that you’re more prone to scratches and insect bites. They are lighter, however, so more experienced hikers will be able to make use of sandals more effectively than novice hikers.

How Much Do Hiking Boots Cost?

Hiking boots can cost around $100 give or take at the minimum if you’re looking for a pair that can last you longer than a single trip. At this price point, you’ll only be able to afford relatively simple shoes unless you find a good deal. For $200, however, you can get some really good hiking boots, complete with features such as waterproof treatment, air-cooled memory foam and more.