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The Best Long Sleeve Dresses Are Great for Style

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Dresses come in all shapes and sizes and are one of those versatile wardrobe items that make getting dressed fast and easy. Long-sleeve dresses, in particular, also provide more coverage, making them ideal for year-round wear as well as for those who prefer or are looking for some of that extra coverage up on top.

Below are some great long-sleeve dresses in 2024 that all fall at or above the knee and can be worn to a variety of events. These dresses are all mostly made with the soft and comfy material of a T-shirt, yet have some structure with some pleated skirts, swing-style bottoms, and a modern-babydoll version with a flowy, gathered sleeve.

These dresses come in a ton of solid and print options and can be chicly layered during different seasons. We have also included a great long-sleeved, cocktail-style dress that will look great on a variety of shapes and sizes and can be worn to weddings, graduations, and any other parties you deem worthy.

Our Favorite Long Sleeve Dress Worth Considering in 2024

Auselily Long Sleeve Pleated Dress  —  Best Overall

Auselily’s Long Sleeve Dress is similar to the one above, however, this one has a fitted pleated hem which makes for a great and affordable addition to your Fall and Winter wardrobe. Easy for all-day wear, this dress falls above the knee with a scoop neck top and its two front pockets give a more casual vibe. The fabric is soft and flattering without being too clingy and it makes for the perfect layering piece when paired with a sweater, cardigan, and some leggings or tights.


  • This dress comes in a ton of color options


  • Hand washing is recommended

Belongsci Long Sleeve Shift Dress  —  Runner Up

The mini dress by Belongsci is made of a high-quality chiffon-like material that is lightweight and easy to wear. This dress falls above the knee and has a flattering v-neckline and 3/4 bell sleeves that give it a unique look and feel. When it comes to fit, it is meant to sit straight up and down with a loose design yet can also be belted to give you some shape. Perfect for year-round wear, this dress can also be dressed up or down and is ideal for many casual and semi-formal occasions, date nights, parties, and even Sunday brunches.


  • This dress is lined


  • This dress has no stretch

Buying Guide: Long Sleeve Dresses

A long sleeve dress can be worn all year round and for any occasion. A more casual version will help you stay covered up while you run errands perhaps, whereas a more formal version is excellent for occasions such as a work event or a wedding.

Wearing one of these dresses can also help you stand out from a crowd where most women have opted for sleeveless dresses. If you’re worried about being restricted with options when trying to find a long sleeve dress that matches your taste, you need not worry. You can choose from various fabrics, colors, lengths, and styles.

You may have a specific design in your mind, but without knowing the name of the design, you may still find it difficult to search for. However, you can make a few considerations to narrow down your search. Continue reading to learn more about available products and purchase the finest long-sleeve dress possible.

Wear a Dress Length You Feel Comfortable In

There are several different lengths of long-sleeved dresses to choose from. In order from short to long, they include:

  • Mini
  • Above-the-knee
  • Knee-length
  • Midi-length
  • Maxi-length
  • Floor-length

Many Types of Dresses to Choose From

You may have a particular type of dress in your mind, but if you do not know the name of the kind of dress you are looking for, it can feel like a daunting task to find it. We have listed some popular dress types to help you find your perfect match below:


A shirtdress often has a collar and is buttoned at the front. The buttons often continue from the top of the bodice to the skirt. However, you may also be able to find a shirtdress with buttons only on the bodice. This style will often look quite retro, especially with sleeves.

A-line dress

An A-line dress is named as such because the skirt angles outward like the sides of a letter A. The bodice part of the dress may be in various styles, but the bottom part of the dress is usually rigid and about knee-length or just over the knee.

Shift dress

A shift dress is loose and comes in barely at the waist. They are perfect for anyone who is slender with few curves. They are also great for anyone who wants to hide their top half and show off their legs. Shift dresses straddle the line of looking modern and vintage and were popular in the 1920s and 1960s. With long sleeves, they look more like the styles found in the 60s.

Tunic dress

A tunic dress is practically the same as a shift dress but does not acknowledge the waist.

Tent dress

A tent dress has no waist, but instead of running straight down like a tunic dress, it moves outward like a teepee.

Blouson dress

A blouson dress is loose around the breasts and has a tight elasticated waist. The skirt can be tight for a fashionable style or loose for a more casual summer style.

Princess dress

A princess dress has a fitted shape around the bodice. This may be in a corseted style or made with more subtle fabric panels without boning or lace.

Wrap-around dress

This dress has a tie waist feature and usually has a v-neck. The layering effect adds an interesting aspect to the dress and will make other body shapes look more like an hourglass.

Waist Height Options

Sometimes the style of dress described is based on the waist height. High-waisted dresses are surprisingly not the most high-waisted but are above the usual mid-waist height. Empire waist dresses have the highest “waist” with the typical waist detail resting just under the breasts. You can also opt for a low waist dress where the waist detail rests on the hips instead of the waist.

Bright and Bold or Subdued and Cool Colors

Everyone has a favorite color, and sometimes, a person’s favorite color does not match their skin tone. If you have a favorite color that does not match your skin tone, you can wear fabric with a color matching your skin tone in the background and a little of your favorite color in a pattern.

To match your skin tone, choose a warm color containing reds, oranges, browns, or yellows if you have warm undertones and a dress containing cool colors, like blues, purples, and greens if you have cool undertones.

Make Your Dress Interesting With Funky or Floral Patterns

You may want to purchase a long-sleeved dress where one segment is patterned, and the rest is block colors. For instance, you could have either patterned sleeves, a patterned skirt, a patterned waistband, or a patterned bodice.

Alternatively, you could choose a dress covered in one pattern or several different patterns. You should mix small patterns with large patterns within the same color palette if this is the case.

Stripes mix well with floral and plaid. Floral will compliment stripes, plaid, polka dots, and animal print. Don’t be put off a patterned dress if you have patterned shoes and other patterned accessories.