Look Your Best In These Stylish Best Long Sleeve Dresses

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Looking for the perfect new long sleeve dress? Look no further because we rounded up a bunch of our favorite frocks that are great for all different body types and shapes that you will absolutely love.

Long sleeve dresses are not only stylish, but they’re also a super easy outfit choice because it’s only one piece you have to put on and then you’re ready to go. Plus, they keep you warm without sacrificing style. Even better, there are millions of ways to style them. You can layer it with a vest – whether it’s fur, leather, or whatever your heart desires.

it’s a perfect day to night outfit – you can wear it during the day with sneakers and then wear it out at night with a pair of heels, some jewelry, a belt, or a pair of tights to dress it up. No matter what your style is, you will surely find one you love below!

Compare the Top Long Sleeve Dresses of 2022

R.Vivimos Cotton Long Sleeve Dress  —  Best Overall

This is the ultimate cozy casual long sleeve dress! It has a high neckline, long billowy sleeves that are secured at the wrists, and a cool wrap belt that cinches in your waist. The belt can be adjusted to be tied into a bow or left hanging down and it adds definition to the dress. Plus, the best part is, the frock is available in 22 different colors so no matter what your style is, you’ll surely find one you love!

KILIG Long Sleeve Dress  —  Runner Up

We are obsessed with this long-sleeve tea-length dress which comes in a whopping 45 different colors and patterns. The scoop-neckline is super flattering, plus, the dress is decorated from top to bottom with buttons down the front. The bodice is fitted and the waist is cinched-in which makes the piece flattering, while the rest of the skirt flows out into A-line pleats, ending below the knees.

Amazon Essentials Long-Sleeve Crewneck Swing Dress  —  Honorable Mention

Available in five neutral colors, this flowy cotton dress is going to be your new favorite piece in your wardrobe. It’s cozy, comfortable, and stylish, and it ends above the knees. It’s such a simple but classic frock that can be worn day or night for a casual occasion and can be dressed up with accessories for a night out.

Unbranded Long Sleeve Pocket Casual Dress  —  Contender

Any dress that has pockets is an added bonus, which is why we love this long sleeve dress so much. It’s available in 24 different colors and patterns and is super stretchy, lightweight, and airy. The swing dress is loose which makes it comfortable and it has two deep hidden pockets on either side of the flared skirt. It’s the perfect casual dress to wear during the day or you can dress it up at night with a belt and some fun jewelry!

Buying Guide: Long Sleeve Dresses

How to Buy the Right Long Sleeve Dress for Yourself?

To purchase the right long sleeve dress for yourself, you must look into the following factors:


When choosing a dress for yourself, comfort should be prioritized just as much as the style. Look for a dress that is easy to wear and helps you feel confident. The last thing you’d want is to head out in a dress that you feel conscious in. Other than that, the comfort of the dress also depends on the season. Make sure you choose a dress that is appropriate according to the season and weather you would be wearing it in.


The size of the dress is something you must pay a lot of importance to in order to ensure that the dress would fit you perfectly. Though it is always better to try on the dress before purchasing, you can also take help of a size chart that most sellers provide if you are shopping online. You should also keep in mind that the sizes of dresses by each manufacturer differ, which is why it is important that you don’t entirely rely on the size you usually order and take help of the size chart.


When it comes to picking a dress for yourself, the color of the dress can be one of the most difficult features to choose. Keep in mind that light colors, such as white give off the illusion of more volume to the body, whereas dark colors can help you look slimmer. The color you wear can influence how your face and the rest of your body looks.

Other than that, keep in mind that the color of summer dresses differ from winter dresses. Long sleeve dresses for summer usually come in light and pastel colors, whereas winter dresses usually feature dark colors and contrasts.


Long sleeve dresses are available in different price ranges. If you are willing to spend more and purchase an expensive dress, you can look for a high-end designer gown. On the other hand, you can also find some good-quality dresses on a tight budget. Moving on, you can save some extra bucks if you purchase a dress on sale or in the off-season.

Overall, it is important to have a rough estimate in mind about how much you are willing to spend as it makes it much easier and quicker for you to choose a suitable long sleeve dress for yourself.


The design of the dress includes everything from the cut of the dress to its pattern. The design of the dress is basically something that is very noticeable and affects the overall look of it. There are countless different designs to choose from such as minimalist, embellished, bodycon dress and more. Other than that, casual dresses usually feature different designs than formal dress, which is why you must choose the design according to the occasion you would be wearing the dress to.


Fashion trends keep changing. The type of long sleeve dresses that were in a few years ago might be out of trend this year. Hence, if you are someone who takes her dressing and fashion game seriously, it is best to perform a little research on the type of long sleeve dresses that are trending these days and choose accordingly.


Long sleeve dresses are available in a variety of different styles. First off, long sleeve dresses come in three different styles; short dress, mid knee length dress, and long dress. The right choice of dress style depends on your preference and what feels comfortable for you. However, you might want to check which dress suits your body shape the most as dresses that don’t fit you nicely tend to give off a shabby look when worn.

Quality of a Long Sleeve Dress: Does It Matter?

If you want a long sleeve dress that you choose to last for long then you must pay importance to its quality. Cheap quality dresses tend to rip, lose their stretchability and fade over time. Other than that, these also don’t hold up more than 4 to 5 washed. To avoid all of these problems, look for a dress that is made with high quality fabric and features good stitching.

How to Choose the Right Long Sleeve Dress Fabric?

The fabric that a dress is made from determines the overall look and quality of the fabric. As far as fabric is concerned, there are countless options to choose from such as cotton, silk, chiffon, polyester, linen, woven and more. The right fabric choice depends on your personal preference.

However, make sure that the fabric you choose goes with the season you plan to wear the dress in. Summer long sleeve dresses are made from lightweight fabric, whereas winter dresses are usually heavier and are made from thick fabric.