Anna Redman: 5 Things To Know About Woman Accusing Fellow ‘Bachelor’ Star Of Being An ‘Escort’

After starting a rumor that Brittany Galvin is an 'escort' on 'The Bachelor,' Anna Redman is at the center of the drama during the show's Feb. 1 episode.

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Anna Redman made some strong accusations about Brittany Galvin on the Jan. 25 episode of The Bachelor. She claimed that she heard that Brittany was an “escort” and may have had “a transactional relationship with wealthy men.” Brittany has denied the rumors. The episode ended with Katie Thurston filling Matt James in on the drama, and he’ll address the group of women on Feb. 1

“With a rose ceremony looming, Matt has a few tough conversations, making it clear to the house that toxic behavior won’t fly,” a press release for the Feb. 1 episode reveals. In addition to Anna, another contestant who has been accused of bullying is Victoria Larson, who appears to get quite emotional in previews for the episode. Ahead of the episode, here’s more to know about Anna:

Anna Redman on season 25 of ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

What Is Anna Redman’s Job?

Anna works in advertising as a copywriter. She’s worked on accounts for brands including Coca-Cola, Moen, Smart Water, Carls Jr., and Travelocity, according to her website, which features examples of her work. Anna currently lives in Chicago, where she moved while seeking ‘big city life’ after growing up in small town Minnesota.

Anna Redman Does Improv Comedy

In addition to working as a copywriter, Anna considers comedy one of her hobbies. Her website bio reveals that if she’s not at work or her second job, she can be caught at “Second City’s (smallest) stage.” The Second City is an improv comedy club in Chicago. Additionally, Anna dreams of potentially writing a screenplay for Hallmark or a murder mystery/rom-com trilogy.

Anna Redman Was A Cheerleader

During her high school years in small-town Minnesota, Anna was her high school cheerleading captain, according to her ABC bio. However, she always knew she was destined for something more. “As much as she loved her childhood filled with Friday nights at the local bowling alley and family dinners at Applebee’s, [Anna] knew she was meant for something bigger,” her bio reveals.

What Is Anna Redman Looking For In A Man?

Anna Redman receiving a rose from Matt James. (ABC)

“[Anna] is looking for a man who will take her as the open book that she is — the good, the bad, and the ugly,” her ABC bio says. “She wants a man who wants to have a family just as much as she does and who will have no problem being open and honest in communication. Due to her Gemini vibes, she needs someone who is a match for her intellect, but will also always want to keep life fun.”

Anna Redman Loves Doing Puzzles

The last thing that Anna is looking for in a guy is someone who will love doing puzzles with her — because she’s a total puzzle lover. She also considers herself an “experience junkie,” so her future partner should definitely be down for adventures!