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Kate Moss’ Daughter: Everything To Know About Lila, 19

Kate Moss' daughter, Lila, is a model in her own right! Learn what to know about the stunning 19-year-old below.

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Kate and Lila Moss at Met Gala
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Kate Moss made her name as a supermodel in the ’90s, heading up generation-defining campaigns for Calvin Klein and others. She also garnered attention for high profile relationships with Johnny Depp and Pete Doherty and ultimately married and divorced Jamie Hince. But it was her relationship with Jefferson Hack that brought her Lila Grace Moss Hack, now 19. Here’s everything you need to know about the iconic model’s equally beautiful daughter.

Lila’s dad is a successful media entrepreneur.  

Kate and Lila Moss
Kate and Lila Moss at the Met Gala on May 2, 2022 in New York City. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

In the years following her controversial relationship with embattled actor Johnny Depp, Kate had a relationship with editor Jefferson Hack, an editorial director, publisher and creative director who heads up independent media company Dazed. Lila Grace was born to the couple in September 2002. Jefferson’s work includes heading up fashion mags Another Magazine, Another Man, and the youth culture and fashion publication Dazed. He also heads up the websites Anothermag.com, Dazeddigital.com and Dazedbeauty.com, and he’s co-founded the Nowness video channel.

“We’re really close. Our big thing is playing cards together – I usually win,” she told British Vogue in April 2022.

Lila is a working model. 

Lila and Kate Moss
Kate Moss and daughter Lila Grace Moss. (Francois Mori/AP/Shutterstock)

The 19-year-old beauty has followed in the footsteps of her mother as both a print and runway model, and a successful one at that. She’s signed with the Kate Moss Agency, naturally, and has modeled for Marc Jacobs Perfect fragrance and graced the cover of British Vogue. She’s walked the runway for designers including Versace, Blumarine, and Richard Quinn.

She told British Vogue that it wasn’t her mother’s top choice for her. “My mum always put me off [modelling],” she said. “She was always like, ‘If you wanna do it, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it.’” Nonetheless, she excels at it.

Lila lives with diabetes. 

Lila Grace has Type 1 diabetes and recently walked the Met Gala red carpet while wearing an insulin monitor and pump, per Glamour. Lila appeared wearing a stunning sheer and beaded Burberry gown, while mom Kate wore a sleek black velvet number. “I have some sugar tablets, in case my blood sugar goes low,” she told Vogue’s In The Bag. I’m diabetic so I have this which controls a pod on my leg, which gives me insulin. This is very important to keep in my bag, it comes with me everywhere.”

She and her mother are very close. 

Lila and Kate Moss
Lila and Kate Moss (Laurent VU/SIPA/Shutterstock)

Lila Grace and her mother are exceptionally close, according to the model. As a child, she would famously scowl at photographers. “There’s one of me in a fur coat and I’m like, growling,” she laughed in British Vogue. “I was quite protective over my mum.” These days, their closeness continues, with the beautiful duo swapping items out of each other’s closets.

British Vogue says she enjoys wearing her mother’s Saint Laurent coats and Chanel bags, while Kate borrows Lila’s track suits. “She doesn’t have a good trackies selection,” she said. “She only has pyjamas. She probably would hate me saying that. She doesn’t want anyone to know she wears trackies.”  Lila says they also like to watch TV together. “We love watching Law & Order. It’s Mum’s favourite thing to watch before bed. All the crime shows on Netflix… tick, tick, tick,” she told the publication.