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Jerry Hall’s Kids With Mick Jagger: Meet 2 Daughters & 2 Sons

Out of Mick Jagger's eight children, half are with his most famous ex, Jerry Hall. Get to know their sons and daughters.

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Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall‘s love lasted decades – but, like most things, it came to an end. However, these two will be forever linked, thanks to the quartet of children they had together. Mick and Jerry are the proud parents of a pair of sons and daughters: Elizabeth Jagger, James Jagger, Georgia May Jagger, and Gabriel Jagger. These four make up half of Mick’s overall progeny and have each gone on to make their name in the fashion, music, acting, activism, and journalism worlds.

These children are the product of a love affair born out of Mick’s tendency to cheat. While married to Bianca Jagger, Mick began dating Jerry, who was engaged to Roxy Music’s Brian Ferry at the time. “Bryan was flattered by Mick’s attention, but he could also see that Mick was smitten with me. It couldn’t have been nice for him,” she wrote in her 2010 coffee book/memoir, Jerry HallMy Life In Pictures, per Yahoo.

Mick and Jerry in 2002 (Nikos Vinieratos/Shutterstock)

Though their love lasted over two decades, they never got married – officially. The couple reportedly participated in what was believed to be a Hindu wedding in 1990, but a British court annulled the marriage in 1999 (the year the two broke up) due to missing paperwork. While the love for each other is gone, Mick and Jerry continue to support and care for their children.

Elizabeth Jagger

Elizabeth Jagger poses at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party (NINA PROMMER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Jagger was born on Mar. 2, 1984. She is the eldest child of Mick and Jerry. She was born in New York City, per her IMDB profile. “Lizzy” is a model, having starred in campaigns for Wrangler Jeans and the Gap, modeled for Redken, and walked down the runway for Sonia Rykiel (in 2018). She has also tried acting, appearing in the 2002 film, Igby Goes Down.

“I do get a lot of inspiration from his make-up looks from the 1970s,” Lizzy told the Daily Mail in 2019 when talking about her father, “which he doesn’t really go for anymore. He’s a bit more reserved with his make-up looks on stage these days.”

She is also an activist. “After working with [the team of] Equal Means Equal, we decided to turn Women’s Equality Day into a Women’s Equality Week,” she told Bustle in 2017. “We don’t think it should really be celebrated. It’s a week for us to focus on our efforts. We’re not celebrating anything because we do not have equality.”

“I am regularly lobbying for the three-state strategy to remove the time limit on the ERA, S.J. Res. 5 and H.R. Res. 53, in Congress,” she added. “When I’m not in Washington, D.C., I follow up with regular letters to my lawmakers urging them to sign on to pass the ERA.”

James Jagger

James Jagger at the ‘Jeremiah Terminator Leroy’ premiere at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival (Michael Hurcomb/Shutterstock)

James Jagger was born on Aug. 29, 1985, and like his older sister, he also has dabbled in acting. According to his IMDB profile, his first noted role was in 2009’s Vivaldi, the Rest Priest. Since then, he has appeared in several minor movies like Gangster Kittens, The Last Full Measure, The Deep House, and Magic Lantern. He’s best known for his role in the 2016 series Vinyl and the music-based horror film Sound of Violence.

James has also followed in his footsteps in music. He wrote the music his character plays in Vinyl. I got asked in an interview whether I try to play up my likeness to him,” he told W Magazine. “[laughs] Yes, I’m using my acting prowess to play up my likeness to my father. It was nothing to do with the fact that I’m his son. I thought that was quite funny.” When asked if his father had any insights, Kip said that Mick was “really open about that time” when Vinyl took place.

“I riffed with him about New York during that period. He had a few good anecdotes, but he’s also really into his history. He really had a grasp on what was going on politically and socially. It was all really helpful for me,” said James.

Also, like his sister, he’s involved in philanthropic work, partnering with Project Zero. “I started working with them three years ago. I thought it was a such an exciting new way to approach marine conservation,” he told W. “It’s just something I’m passionate about. I’m not a rabble-rouser in any way.

Georgia May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger at Chanel’s Autumn Winter 2022 show at Paris Fashion Week (LAURENT LAURENT VU/SIPA/Shutterstock)

Georgia May Jagger was born on Jan. 12, 1992. Like Lizzy and her mother, Georgia has found her calling in the fashion world. She has walked for a wide range of brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Wang, Thierry Mugler, Marchesa, Versace, Fendi, Tom Ford, and Louis Vuitton. She participated in the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony, joining Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Lily Donaldson to represent British fashion.

When asked if having a famous last name was a help or a hindrance in her career, Georgia May told fashion blogger Kate Waterhouse that “it’s a help because, for obvious reasons, you are more well known, but it’s also a hindrance because people think you haven’t created any of your own career, that sort of thing.”

“I grew up watching May West movies,” Georgia Mat told Byrdie. “She an iconic, strong, glamorous Hollywood icon that doesn’t take anything from anybody. She’s in control. I watched the documentary about her recently and learned she was writing and directing so long ago. She pioneered that idea of a strong woman. And then obviously my family. At the moment, I’m obsessed with Hunter Schafer as well. I like to experiment with make-up.”

“My mom is very natural. She hasn’t had any surgery,” she continued. “I’m always like, whatever makes you happy—but she really just believes in embracing yourself and not comparing yourself to others. With our culture nowadays, that something younger people struggle with a lot. I learned from her to have fun with [beauty] and to not be afraid to be an individual. We don’t all need to look the same. Embrace your flaws. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true.”

Gabriel Jagger

Gabriel Jagger and Jerry Hall at the ‘Get On Up’ premiere in 2014 (Richard Young/Shutterstock)

Gabriel Jagger was born on Dec. 9, 1997, and was described by W Magazine in 2021 as “perhaps the most low-key of Mick Jagger’s eight children.” The youngest son of Mick and Jerry did one booking in 2016, landing the cover of Another Man and a shoot in L’Uomo Vogue. “My sister Jade [Jagger] convinced me to do something,” he told W of his modeling experimentation. “Her friend [Alister Mackie] was doing something for Another Man, and she convinced me.”

Mostly, Gabriel has worked as a journalist, spending time at The Times (his then-stepfather, Rupert Murdoch, owns the publication.) Gabriel would later launch Why Now, a publication that offers articles, videos, and audio content for a monthly subscription fee.

The most buzz Gabriel has made came when he married Swiss socialite Anouk Winzenried. It was a quiet affair, held on Rupert’s £11 million / $15 million Oxfordshire mansion, Holmwood House. Both of Gabriel’s parents were in attendance.