Gerry Turner’s Kids: Everything To Know About ‘The Golden Bachelor’s 2 Daughters

Gerry Turner is the ultimate girl dad. The star of 'The Golden Bachelor' has the full support of his daughter and grandchildren. Get to know his family before his journey to find love begins.

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Gerry Turner
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  • Gerry Turner is the star of The Golden Bachelor.
  • Gerry has two daughters.
  • Gerry has grandchildren.

Gerry Turner is looking to find another great love in his life. The 71-year-old retired restaurateur from Indiana is the first-ever star of The Golden Bachelor, Bachelor Nation’s highly-anticipated senior spinoff. Fans have gotten to know Gerry leading up to the show’s September 28 premiere on ABC, and he’s been open about how much he loves his family.

Gerry Turner
Meet Gerry Turner’s family. (ABC)

Gerry’s journey to find love is going to be a little different than what we’re used to with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but we’re all in on this next chapter. His family is going to cheer him on every step of the way. Before The Golden Bachelor begins, here’s the full rundown about Gerry’s kids and family.

Does Gerry Turner Have Kids?

Yes, Gerry has two kids with his late wife: Jenny Young and Angie Warner. He also has two granddaughters, Payton Young and Charlee Young. Gerry’s kids know that no one will ever replace their mother, but they want him to find someone to love again. “My dad is just such a fun guy, so personable and lovable. He’s so kind, and he has so much to give. He just deserves to find that in somebody else,” Angie said in a preview video.

In a new promo that aired during The Bachelorette season 20 finale, Gerry was candid about wanting to find love after loss. His kids are confident he’ll find someone. “You have a great personality. Other people are gonna see it. You’re my dad. You’re the most awesome person anyways,” Jenny told her father.

One of his granddaughters admitted that he needed to up his texting game as he entered the “modern dating” world. Jenny asked Gerry about how he will narrow down the 25 women. Gerry opened up about what he’s looking for, and he definitely wants a woman who loves the kitchen. “We have such a good time in the kitchen. It’s a mess and it’s chaos,” Gerry explained to his family. “I seem to always get the clean-up duty.”

Gerry got emotional in the promo talking about how much his family wants him to be happy. “I hope you get that. I really do,” Jenny said to her dad before they all shared a group hug.

Gerry revealed to Variety that his daughters and granddaughters are “genuinely excited and thrilled” for him. “My granddaughters have had guests to my house since this all started, and they pick their friends that are big fans of the show,” he said.

Who Are Gerry Turner’s Daughters?

Gerry’s daughters Jenny Young and Angie Warner. Jenny prefers to keep her personal life private. She is on Instagram, but her account is private. She is married and has two daughters: Payton and Charlee.

Angie is the Vice President of Sales at a company called Assessments 24×7, according to her LinkedIn. She’s spent over 10 years working in the pharmaceutical sales industry. She graduated from the University of Iowa in 2004. She’s currently based in Indiana. Angie got married in 2019, according to her Facebook.

Who Is Gerry Turner’s Wife?

Gerry married his late wife, Toni, in 1972. They were high school sweethearts. Gerry and Toni were married for 43 years before her sudden death in 2017.

Gerry Turner
Gerry Turner is the star of ‘The Golden Bachelor.’ (ABC)

After Gerry and Toni both retired, they bought their dream house. They closed on the house on June 6, 2017. On July 15 of that same year, Toni died. Toni fell ill and her condition “got worse over a couple of weeks,” according to Gerry. Toni had a bacterial infection that attacked her kidneys and liver.

“No one is going to replace Toni. But the love of my daughters and my granddaughters pulled me out of a dark spot,” Gerry said in the first Golden Bachelor trailer.

The 71-year-old wants to find love like he had with Toni. “I really want to find my person, who can put me in my place when I need it and make me smile at it,” Gerry admitted in the trailer. “The person who can lay down beside you at night [and] not have to say anything, and you can feel it. That’s love. That’s what I want. And I know that person’s out there.”

In his Variety profile, Gerry revealed that early on in The Golden Bachelor process he felt like he was “being disloyal or unfaithful” to his late wife. He continued, “And over time, I got to realize that I think she would be an encouraging supporter. We talked about it when we were alive that we both wanted the other to be happy if one of us passed, and we established our financial setup that way. This is the way it should be.”