Donald Trump’s Most Ridiculous Presidential Photos: Hair Flying In The Breeze & More

There were a number of strange moments that played out in front of the nation during Donald Trump's tenure in office. Let's take a look back at some of the weirdest and most profound!

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Image Credit: AP Images

The four years of the Donald Trump presidency are officially over. Today, January 20, Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, and Trump will be a former president. Throughout the four years of Trump’s one term, there were a number of odd moments that were captured by photographers. Now that Donald Trump is on his way back to Florida, let’s look back at some of the weirdest moments during the Trump presidency.

The soon-to-be former President of the United States has done some ridiculous things — both during his presidency and during his campaign. From hair mishaps, looking directly into the sun during the 2017 solar eclipse, and even some cringe-worthy interactions with his wife,  Melania Trump, we practically saw it all and then some.

Donald Trump looking directly toward the sun during the solar eclipse in 2017 [AP Images].
We can’t talk about Donald Trump without talking about his hair, of course. Trump had tons of mishaps with his hair, and we’ve got the pics to prove it. A gust of wind blew apart his hair while he was boarding Air Force One during one chilly, blistering February day on his way to Mar-A-Lago and it was truly meme-worthy. His hair blew up and exposed a giant bald spot on his head. This happened again in April. However, this time around, it was on a particularly windy day again while he was boarding Air Force One in Maryland.

Donald and his wife Melania have been in the news before for Melania’s lack of interest in her husband, and that’s been caught on camera, too! She’s been recorded swatting Donald’s hand away, refusing to hold his hand, and walking far ahead of him — ouch! Melania was recorded swatting Donald’s hand away when they landed in Palm Beach on another occasion in February. Donald reached to grab Melania’s hand as they exited Air Force One, but she brutally yanked it away and avoided any sign of PDA.

Donald Trump’s hair flies away while boarding Air Force One, at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland en route to Palm Beach International Airport [AP Images].
Naturally, over the course of four years, there have been way more moments to look back on. Check out the gallery above to see the cringe-worthy, weird, and unforgettable moments from the Trump presidency.

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