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20 Stars Who Were Girl Scouts When They Were Young: Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton & More

No wonder these women are such fierce leaders and powerful figures! Check out stars and public figures like Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton and more women who were Girl Scouts!

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Taylor Swift, Hillary Clinton
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It’s that time of year again! That’s right, everyone’s favorite variety of cookies are coming back for the Girl Scouts‘ annual cookie drive, and this time they’re going digital. With the coronavirus still ongoing, the young women, girls, and lifelong members of this extraordinary organization are finding innovative ways to continue empowering the entrepreneurial spirit of girls across the nation. But being a Girl Scout isn’t just about the cookies.

The organization, founded in 1912, has taught girls how to be leaders, find their passion, and invest in their futures. Need proof of how incredible this organization is? Well, let these extraordinary women and former Girls Scouts be your guide! Taylor Swift isn’t only one of the best-selling, highly decorated singer-songwriters of all time, she’s a former Girl Scout!

Taylor Swift is a Grammy-winning artist and former Girl Scout [AP].
That’s right, before Taylor was selling records, she was selling cookies. It’s honestly no wonder that the evermore singer is a former Girl Scout. Over the course of her career, Taylor has seriously harnessed her voice and platform to try and be an agent of change and progress. There’s absolutely no doubt about it, she’s definitely making Girl Scouts around the world so proud.

But Taylor isn’t the only famous former Girl Scout. We’re not at all surprised that Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a Girl Scout in her youth, as well. The inspiring political figure likely got her start debating, considering policy, ethics, and economics when she was a Daisy or Brownie. Decades later, Clinton has become a strong voice in politics, and an advocate for women’s equity.

Hillary Clinton is the former United States Secretary of State and was a Girl Scout growing up [AP].
It’s amazing to see what Girl Scouts can do. Right now, your own little scout could be selling cookies. But someday soon, she could win Grammy Awards like Taylor, serve competitors off of the court like Grand Slam champion Venus Williams, or remind young girls that their voice matters just like Hillary Clinton. To see more photos of famous women who were Girl Scouts, check out the gallery above!