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Brad Pitt’s Tattoos: A Guide To All Of The Actor’s Ink

The 'Bullet Train' star has an incredible collection of body art that the public rarely gets a chance to admire. Find out all about Brad's tattoos here!

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Image Credit: Scott Garfitt/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Brad Pitt made quite the splash at the Berlin premiere of his action flick Bullet Train for a couple of obvious reasons. The Oscar winner, 58, showed up in an incredible wardrobe for one, rocking a brown skirt and black leather combat boots. While the unique sartorial choices turned heads, it was the peek at his leg tattoos that really sent shutterbugs into a frenzy. On one exposed shin, Brad showed off a design of a rhinoceros face, while the other shin appeared to have a human skull inked into it. While the meanings of both tattoos are unclear, they certainly are ripe for interpretation.

As Brad often keeps his body art under wraps (of clothing), the unexpected reveal has piqued the interest of his legion of stans. Let’s take a closer look at what other tattoos Brad is sporting, below!

The Iceman

Brad Pitt has the outline of a man known as Ötzi the Iceman on his forearm. (MTRX / BACKGRID)

On his left foremarm, Brad has the outline of a man known as Ötzi the Iceman, also known as Frozen Fritz and Similaun Man. Underneath the drawing is the word “invictus,” which means “unconquered.” The body art was added after one of his first tattoos, which lies right next to it. It is a phrase that reads “Absurdities de l’ existence,” which is French meaning “Life is absurd.”

Family Love

On his other forearm, Brad has two long, thin lines that form the shape of a cross. Along the horizontal line are the initials for his family members, including his ex wife Angelina Jolie! The order reads: “A” for Angelina, “M” for Maddox, “P” for Pax, “Z” for Zahara, “S” for Shiloh, “K” for Knox and “V” for Vivienne. It is quite a beautiful tribute to his big brood!

The initials of his family are on his left forearm. (VU/VILLARD/SIPA/Shutterstock)

Angelina’s Birthday

In another nod to his former love, Brad had Angelina’s date of birth inked on his lower abdomen, which he showed off when waving to his fans during a photo shoot for his 2014 film Fury. The numbers of the date, 6/4/75 have been inked in Khmer, which is the official language of Cambodia, the country held dear to Angelina as she has done humanitarian work there and it is her first son Maddox’s homeland.

Poem by Rumi

Brad is definitely a romantic at heart. The Oscar winner reportedly got a poem by Rumi inked on his right arm before his wedding to Angelina back in 2014. The short line reads, “There exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there.”


More recently, Brad got another tattoo right next to the poem by Rumi. It is the outline of a man standing with his shadow in front of him.

Angelina’s Scribble

Brad Pitt had two tattoos on his shins: one of a rhinoceros face and another of a human skull. (Markus Schreiber/AP/Shutterstock)

Many of Brad’s tattoo’s involve his ex Angelina, which is heartbreaking to say the least. On his lower back, he sports a series of lines or “scribbles” which was reportedly done by the Maleficent star herself.


It’s no secret Brad loves riding motorcycles. The romance is so deep he decided to have an image of one inked onto the outside of his left arm! The depiction is the front of the bike and it looks to be hand drawn.