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Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Calling all 'Bling Empire' fans! After just one season, the hit Netflix show had us hooked — but, what're the 12 stars of the reality series doing today? Find out what Kevin, Kane, Anna and the rest of the crew are up to in 2021!

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Bling Empire
Image Credit: Netflix

The cast of Netflix’s Bling Empire only stepped onto the streaming scene in January, but they’ve already captured hearts everywhere! There’s just something so addicting about a reality series that delves into the extravagant lives of wealthy Asian and Asian-American socialites living it up in LA — don’t you think? While the latter is a more tamed definition, the 8-episode series is a rollercoaster of glamorous drama, mixed with lavish parties and designer everything. Think Crazy Rich Asians, but real-life, set in LA!

The witty cast is made up of 12 powerhouse individuals, whose occupations include a model, plastic surgeon, DJ, real estate developer and more. After the debut season of Bling Empire, the excentric and outspoken cast had us all begging for more. Get to know the stars of Bling Empire a little more, and find out what what they’re up to today!

Kevin Kreider

Kevin Kreider of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/Shutterstock)

Kevin Kreider, who narrates the series, is a male model hoping to change how Asian men are viewed in the media. He was born in South Korea, but was adopted and raised in Philadelphia. Kevin, who viewers watched explore his culture in season 1, is making moves — literally. He officially moved into his own place!

“It’s only like 500 square feet but it feels like a mansion to me,” he said in a “Where Are They Now” video, which was released by Netflix on January 25. Kevin, who’s the only cast member on the show who isn’t a millionaire, added that his new place “all included [is] about $1700.”

Kane Lim

Kane Lim of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/Shutterstock)

Kane Lim is a real estate developer and investor from Singapore, who LOVES to shop.  Today, he continues to work at both while maintaining his fierce fashion — of course. He even has his own clothing line! Another thing he’s maintained is his friendship with Anna Shay. In the Netflix video, Kane admitted that while the pandemic halted everyone’s shopping, he spent time with Anna, who was able to help. “During Covid, there was no shopping, no nothing,” he said. “Having a friend like Anna? Nothing’s shut down.” Kane added that the pair have been shopping together lately!

Anna Shay

Anna Shay of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix)

Anna is a part-Japanese, part-Russian socialite, whose wealth stems from selling her father’s company Pacific Architects and Engineers. But, she’s still hard at work on her own career ventures. Anna is currently working to become a licensed contractor, although her father isn’t in favor of the idea, she told Town & Country.

Christine Chiu 

Christine Chiu of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/Shutterstock)

Christine Chiu is a philanthropist and co-founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. And, if having a lavish life and flaunting it on Instagram was a sport, she’d be the winner of it all. Though, Christine takes her charitable and philanthropic work very seriously and continues to give back. Additionally, she’s also become quite close with Cherie.

“Cherie has become a really good friend of mine,” she told Oprah Magazine after Bling Empire premiered on Netflix in mid-January. “We are plotting the marriage of our children.” Christine also noted that she may consider expanding her family. “I’ve gotten a ton of solicitations to be our surrogate. So, we may have to reopen that discussion,” she said.

Gabriel Chiu

Gabriel Chiu in Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix)

It’s business as usual for Dr. Gabriel Chiu, one of the most prestigious plastic surgeons in LA, known for his immaculate work. He continues to stay focused in the OR, while being a boss alongside Christine.

Kelly Mi Li

Kelly Mi Li of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/Shutterstock)

Kelly Mi Li is an entrepreneur and film producer, who was born in China. She was dating Andrew Gray in season 1, which chronicled their tumultuous relationship and its many highs and lows. After the two briefly split, they’re back together and are taking things slow.

“With Andrew’s behavior, I don’t excuse it at all,” she said in the Netflix video, referencing his actions in season 1. “I think it’s 100 percent wrong.” Those who’ve watched Bling Empire will know that [spoilers ahead!] the couple hit a rough patch during a trip to Paris in 2018 — when Andrew became angry with Kelly after she left him behind at a hotel. He ended up calling and texting Kelly and yelling at her over the phone, which caused fans and friends to express concern over his actions. The pair ultimately split and Kelly asked Andrew to move out of their home.

“[Fans] saw a really dark period of our relationship,” Kelly continued in the video. “After filming we took a good five-month or six-month break where we just focused on ourselves,” she said, explaining that they’re both attending individual therapy to learn more about themselves. Kelly went on to describe their relationship from then to now as being like “night and day.”

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/Shutterstock)

Andrew is a model and an actor, who’s best known for playing the Red Ranger in the 2013 show Power Rangers Megaforce Wild, right? Since the show wrapped, Andrew has been busy with his modeling career throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and he’s since rekindled his relationship with Kelly.

Jamie Xie

Jamie Xie of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/MEGA)

Jamie Xie is a fashion blogger and daughter of Ken Xie — an American billionaire businessman who founded Systems Integration Solutions (SIS), NetScreen, and Fortinet. He’s currently the CEO of Fortinet, a cybersecurity firm based in Silicon Valley. The reality star, who has nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram, is busy sharing modeling photos, partnering with brands and posting ads for various fashion, beauty and lifestyle labels. She’s graced the cover of magazines and has a prominent foot in the fashion world.

Kim Lee

Kim Lee of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/Shutterstock)

Kim Lee is a famous DJ (she’s toured with Diplo and Cardi B!) and former model, who was raised by her Vietnamese mother. In Bling Empire, Kim searches for her biological father, but discovers at the end of the series that he has sadly passed away. Though, she managed to track down her father’s wife. “She actually asked me if I would like to have his ashes,” Kim shared in the Netflix video, adding, “It got me more emotional.”

As for her relationship with Kevin? — It’s non-existent, romantically. However, the two claim they’re on good terms, despite the fact that they don’t follow each other on Instagram anymore.

Cherie Chan

Cherry Chan of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/Shutterstock)

Cherie Chan is a denim heiress and former singer. Fans fell in love with her and Jessey Lee‘s romance, and watched the couple welcome their daughter into the world. As for when they’ll finally tie the knot?

“We definitely don’t have a date, we don’t want to have a Zoom wedding, we don’t want to plan and have a small wedding or people to get sick,” Cherie said in the Netflix video, admitting, “We don’t know anything yet. Nothing is set in stone yet.”

Jessey Lee

Jessey Lee of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/Shutterstock)

Jessey continues to work within his family’s luxury furniture business, which is based throughout Asia. With that being said, he travels back and forth the the United States and Asia for the business, which he will one day take over.

At the end of the series, Jessey expressed his concerns about getting married, but that didn’t stop Cherie from deciding to pop the question herself. During the Netflix video, Jessey noted that Bling Empire was an “emotional” experience for him, and that he’s happy he shared as much as he did with viewers.

Guy Tang

Guy Tang of Bling Empire. (Photo credit: Netflix/Shutterstock)

Guy Tang is a hairdresser and singer-songwriter, who’s still working at both. While he continues to share beauty content on social media, Guy is excelling in his music. His Instagram often includes teasers of his music, and Guy has said that he’s working on an album, which he hopes to release very soon.