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Billie Eilish’s Tattoos: Everything to Know About the Singer’s Ink

Billie Eilish has three tattoos, and she's only briefly shared glimpses of them with fans.

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Billie Eilish
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  • Billie Eilish became a household name with her massive hit ‘Bad Guy.’
  • She has at least four tattoos.
  • The hitmaker once said we’d ‘never see’ them.

Billie Eilish used to play coy about her tattoos. But the singer, now 21 years old, has at least four. And as time passes, she’s been more and more willing to show a little glimpse of them. “I did get a tattoo,” she told Vanity Fair during an on-camera 2020 interview. “But you won’t ever see it. I did what I said I’d do, what did you expect?” She also revealed in the interview that she’d wanted tattoos for years. While discussing what it was like to give interviews in her teens, she confessed what she was really thinking. “I want tattoos. I want cars. That’s all I was thinking!” she laughed.

Here are each of Billie’s rarely seen tattoos, and the meanings behind each of them.

Billie Eilish
David Fisher/Shutterstock

Eilish (sternum)

Back in 2020, just after all but sweeping the Grammy Awards with five big wins, Billy reportedly got her first tattoo. “Yes, I love myself,” she quipped of the tattoo in her Vanity Fair interview. According to Rolling Stone, it was the last name that made her famous, Eilish, in “an ornate, gothic font, in the middle of her chest.” While Billie famously told Vanity Fair, “you won’t ever see it,” she apparently changed her tune. Anabel Zimmer, he daughter of Hollywood music legend Hans Zimmer took to Instagram to share a rare peek at the “Bad Guy” hitmaker in a string bikini — and her Eilish tattoo was visible on her sternum.

Dragon (hip/thigh)

Billie’s elusive and mysterious dragon starts on her upper right thigh and climbs all the way up to her right hip, where fans got a peek of it in a brief May 2023 Instagram clip. Portions of the mythical monster were sometimes visible, when Billie obliged with a thigh high slit — like her jaw-dropping second dress for the 2021 Met Gala — an old-Hollywood inspired, scarlet red Oscar De La Renta gown.

On May 25, 2023, the gorgeous singer took to Instagram to give fans a brief, but close-up view, of her “big boy” dragon. In the clip, she shimmied down into a dressing room chair, showing off the elaborate head, teeth, and neck of the dragon.

So, would Billie do the same on her right side? She’s not likely to overdo it. “No, I’m not gonna be all tatted up, but I have some more ideas,” she told Vanity Fair in 2021. “Right now, I feel pretty satisfied. I feel like, in a good zone with them.” In the future though, she might oblige. “Give me a little more time and then I’ll get another one,” she said.

Fairies (hand/wrist)

Billie Eilish

Billie’s most visible ink comes in the form of a couple of fairies on her left hand and wrist. She first showed them off on the red carpet at the premiere of James Bond flick No Time to Die back in 2021. Once again, she sat down and shared details on the magical fairies with Vanity Fair. She revealed the inspiration behind them — they come “from a book that I had growing up — a little fairy book called Fairyopolis. They’re like my little guardian angel fairies,” she added.

Abstract design (back)

On October 18, 2023, Billie took to Instagram to show off a dramatic topless view of her massive, newest back tattoo. The swirling, slender ink snaked all the way down her spine to her tailbone. In the pic, the singer laid on her stomach to show off a full view of the intricate, but indistinguishable, design.

It wasn’t the first look at the bold new ink — Billie shared a sneak peek back on September 20, when she shared just a tidbit of the tattoo on her upper neck.