Bebe Rexha’s Ex-Boyfriend Keyan Safyari: All About Their Romance & Split

Bebe Rexha and Keyan Safyari have broken up after three years together. Here's everything we know about their romance.

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  • Bebe Rexha dated Keyan Safyari from early 2020 until July 2023.
  • Keyan is an Emmy-winning cinematographer.
  • Bebe said she’s previously dated some female celebrities, as well.

For years, Bebe Rexha kept most of the details about her personal life out of the public eye. However, she wasn’t able to hide her love for boyfriend, Keyan Safyari when they were together. The two were first linked in of 2020, but called it quits in July 2023. News of the breakup came after Bebe reportedly shared the update with fans at her London concert on July 28. “I just went through a breakup, so I might get a little emotional,” she reportedly said onstage.

Bebe and Keyan started dating right before the world shut down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and she told Entertainment Tonight in Oct. 2020 that he helped her not feel “lonely” during the pandemic’s quarantine. “I have a very wonderful man in my life right now,” she gushed. “He’s so amazing. I’m very grateful for him and I’m just enjoying my life and seeing where it goes.” She also described Keyan as “special” and said that the most important people in her life approved of him, too. “He’s understanding of my career and what I do,” Bebe added. “My family loves him. He’s just, honestly, an amazing person and he makes me happy. It just feels right.”

bebe rexha keyan safyari
Bebe and Keyan out and about. (venezia2020/IPA / SplashNews)

However, things sadly did not work out for the pair. Learn more about Keyan, the duo’s relationship and the lead-up to their split below.

What Does Keyan Safyari Do?

Keyan Safyari works as a producer, director and cinematographer. He founded Moving Images Entertainment Inc. in 2003, according to his LinkedIn. The Beverly Hills-based company “produces feature films, commercials and television shows for distribution through entertainment studios and their various partners.”

Keyan has more than 50 credits on his iMDB page. Some of his cinematography credits include the Emmy Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Grammy Awards and more. He’s also worked on specials for Billie Eilish and Mariah Carey.

Keyan went to high school in Beverly Hills. He attended the ArtCenter College of Design from 2001 until 2003. Then, he received his B.A. in Film and Cinema Production from California State University, Northridge in 2006. He played hockey at the college, as well.

Keyan Is An Emmy Award Winner

Keyan won an Emmy Award in 2022 for his work on Adele: One Night Only. The award was for Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork and Video Control for a special. Before that win, he had been nominated for three other Emmy Awards. In 2022, he was also nominated in the same category for his work on the Grammy Awards. He received another nomination in 2021 in that category for working at the Grammys, as well. His final nomination — in the same category — was for The Little Mermaid Live! in 2020.

bebe rexha keyan safyari
Bebe and Keyan running errands. (SPOT / BACKGRID)

How Old Is Keyan Safyari?

Keyan was born on September 17, 1983, which makes him 39 years old as of June 2023. He will celebrate his 40th birthday in September 2023.

Why Didn’t Bebe Rexha Post Photos With Keyan?

Even though Bebe and Keyan were together for quite some time, she opted not to share photos with him on her main Instagram feed. While she did post with him on her Story, she decided to keep the relationship off her main page. “Unless I have a ring on my finger, you ain’t getting a grid post,” she said in her Entertainment Tonight interview. “And that’s the truth!” Keyan is also on Instagram, but his page is private.

Keyan’s Texts About Bebe’s Weight

In mid-July 2023, Bebe seemingly put Keyan on blast with a since-deleted Instagram post. The singer shared a screenshot of a text message that mentioned her weight gain and “changing face,” and although she did not confirm the identity of the sender, it appeared to be from her then-boyfriend. She confirmed their breakup just weeks later.

“Hey, I never said you weren’t beautiful and I never said I didn’t love you,” the text read. “In fact, I said how beautiful you are and how much I loved you. But I always said I would be honest with you and your face was changing and I told you it was..that was the conversation we were having and you asked.”

“Because I care. Would you rather I lied to you?” the message continued. “You gained 35 pounds obviously you gained weight and your face changes? Should I just pretend it didn’t happen and that it’s ok? Come on, I gain 3 pounds and you call me chubbs and fat. Doesn’t mean you don’t love me. If you’re trying to find reasons to break up, this makes sense…but it’s not the real reason.”

Who Else Has Bebe Rexha Dated?

Bebe has always been private about her love life. However, in a May 2021 interview, she opened up about her sexuality, and admitted to dating famous women in the past. “What I believe about sexuality is this: It’s a scale,” Bebe told Gay Times. “Have I gone out with girls before? Yes. Have I dated girls? Yes I have. And famous ones, but I’m not naming them. Even though people would be living for it…no. Have I fallen in love with a girl before? Yes.”