Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Reveals Telling Jimmy She Also Gets Compared to Katy Perry & Adele

During Chelsea's latest appearance on the 'After Curfew' podcast, she revealed that she mentioned two other celebrities that she gets compared to white still in the 'LiB' pods.

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Chelsea Blackwell
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Earlier this year, Love Is Blind season 6 star Chelsea Blackwell faced an unwanted wave of backlash after telling co-star Jimmy Presnell in the pods that she often gets confused with Megan Fox. During her latest appearance on the “After Curfew” podcast, Chelsea, 31, claimed that the show didn’t include the moment when she also told Jimmy, 28, that she gets compared to two other major celebrities.

“They didn’t show that I also say Adele, and I also say Katy Perry,” the reality TV personality told host Jillian Lenna. I said I get one person all the time, and then I say, ‘I also get Adele and Katy Perry.'”

Chelsea made some waves when Netflix viewers saw her tell Jimmy in the pods that she kind of looks like “MGK’s wife.” As a result, she faced crude comments from social media users. Not only that, but Jimmy even felt that Chelsea “lied” to him about her physical appearance, he said during a confessional interview that aired earlier this year.

Throughout Chelsea’s new podcast interview, she expressed regret over how she didn’t say Megan’s full name and only identified her as “MGK’s wife.” (Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are not married, and the Till Death actress, 37, recently confirmed that she and MGK ended their engagement at one point)

“Why did we say MGK’s wife instead of Megan Fox as if she’s this random girl from Transformers?” host Jillian asked, to which Chelsea responded, “Saying her name just flat out, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s so cringey, not saying it.’ Why did I beat around the bush?”

The flight attendant then acknowledged that she was “downplaying” it when she avoided saying Megan’s full name, which ended up being “so much worse.”

“Like I said, I just breathe, and people are like, ‘Oh, she did it wrong,'” Chelsea pointed out. “Yeah, that was awful. That was not even something that I thought about. So, the only reason I thought about it is ’cause Jimmy did tell me in the DR. He’s like, ‘Man, I dragged your butt on camera, and screamed into the camera that you didn’t look anything like Megan.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, great, Let’s hope they don’t show that.'”

Though the business owner acknowledged that this is “the main thing” people approach her about, Chelsea still doesn’t see the resemblance between her and the Jennifer’s Body star.

“That’s the main thing people keep coming up to me for. They’re like, ‘You do look like her,'” Chelsea continued. “I had one scrawny-ass kid in a casino when I was in Vegas come up me, and be like, ‘Megan Fox? You got to be joking me,’ and I was just like, ‘Hold be back. hold me back.'”