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Zendaya Gushes Over Tom Holland’s ‘Beautiful Charisma’ in Sweet Interview: ‘Works For Me’

Zendaya opened up about Tom Holland's 'natural gift' as she gave him a special shoutout in a new interview.

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Zendaya has a lot of appreciation for boyfriend Tom Holland and his “beautiful charisma.” The 27-year-old actress gave her boyfriend a special shoutout in a preview for her BuzzFeed puppy interview, where she was asked who on the Dune cast has the most rizz, which is a slang word for romantic appeal or charm.

“Me. Hello?” Zendaya joked in the clip shared February 21. “I don’t know. Rizz is short for charisma, right? Everybody’s kind of got their own,” she added.

“I think someone who has beautiful charisma, not on the Dune cast, but I know personally, works for me, is Mr. Tom Holland,” Zendaya said, as she went on to explain the personality differences between herself and the 27-year-old Spider-Man star.

“I’m more shy and kind of quiet. So it takes a bit more to pull me out of my shell,” Zendaya shared. “But he’s great at just talking to people and getting to know people. You see him on talk shows and stuff like that. He’s just naturally very good at that. Whereas for me, I’ve definitely had to like pull it out of me a little bit. He’s got that natural gift.”

Zendaya has been dating Tom since 2021. The two prefer to keep their relationship away from the public eye as much as possible, but they’ve both supported one another’s endeavors. Most recently, Tom gave a shoutout to Zendaya and her upcoming movie Challengers on his Instagram Stories on Feb. 21. The week prior, Tom supported his girlfriend at the Dune: Part Two premiere party in London.

While Zendaya recently gushed over Tom’s charisma, the Crowded Room star spoke about one of his favorite qualities that his girlfriend has in a December 2023 SAG-AFTRA Q&A. “Zendaya is probably the most honest with me, which I love because you need that,” he said. And earlier last year, Tom was similarly asked about rizz in a BuzzFeed interview, and he sweetly declared his love for Zendaya in his response. “I’m locked up, so I’m happy and in love. So, I’ve got no need for rizz,” Tom said while smiling.

The British actor also noted that in order for anyone to “fall in love with me, really, for it to work,” is only by “making a movie with each other,” which is what he and Zendaya did in the three Spider-Man films. “It definitely helps when the characters you’re playing are falling in love with one another,” Tom said. “You can sort of blur the lines a little bit.”