Gwen Stefani Reveals Massive Emerald Ring She Got From Blake Shelton For Valentine’s Day

While speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Gwen showed off the huge sparkler her husband gave her as a token of his love. 

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
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Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Valentine’s Day usually involves chocolate and flowers, but Blake Shelton just one-upped that tradition. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, February 14, Gwen Stefani showed off the huge emerald ring that her husband gave her as a gift. 

“I got my Valentine’s present early this year,” Gwen, 54, said while motioning toward the massive sparkler on her finger. “He really mixed it up. Usually I get amazing flowers, which I love, love, love, but this was just a, ‘Here you go!’ Yeah, he did the whole thing. I love you, Blakey.” 

For her late-night appearance, Gwen wore a bright pink, multi-patterned, long-sleeved dress, which featured a crisscross chest. Blake, 47, for their performance together, donned an all-black suit.

The ring perfectly complemented Gwen’s sparkling silver manicure that she also showed off during her Valentine’s Day appearance on the show. While speaking with host Jimmy Kimmel, Gwen also discussed her new song, “Purple Irises,” which is a duet with Blake. The spouses even performed their single on the show. 

Jimmy also recalled a previous moment with Gwen when he gave her a tip on what to get Blake for his birthday. She pointed out that Jimmy had given Blake a flamethrower, to the audience’s shock and amusement.

Before they joined each other on stage, Blake performed a comical bit on the show, in which he pretended to buy “last-minute” gifts for his wife at the Hollywood Land souvenir shop. Jimmy explained that many men on their way home from work tend to buy Valentine’s gifts at the last minute, so Blake asked him if Gwen could see this, to which Jimmy responded, “No.” 

After Jimmy informed Blake that Gwen was there with him, Blake jokingly responded, “Is she there? Oh, crap! I was actually doing some — I came out here to watch those people playing that glory hole game.” 

As the crowd laughed, Blake continued to peak around the store while holding a basket, filled with funny gifts such as a mug that read, “California was so expensive, I could only afford half a cup.” He then held up a mini California license plate that read the name “Greg,” but Blake pointed out that he’d try to fix up the name to look like Gwen’s. 

At the end of the skit, Blake revealed a souvenir Academy Award that read, “World’s Greatest Musician,” which the country music singer said he was buying for himself.