Tom Sandoval Claims Ex Ariana Madix ‘Hasn’t Paid a Single Bill’ for Their House in 8 Months

Tom Sandoval accused Ariana Madix of being 'petty' for not letting him buy her out of the house that they own together in L.A.

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Tom Sandoval
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Tom Sandoval claimed that Ariana Madix hasn’t contributed to the finances of their Los Angeles home since their dramatic breakup. Tom, 40, appeared on Nick Viall‘s podcast on the day of the Vanderpump Rules season 11 premiere and opened up about his legal fight with Ariana, 38, over the home they bought together in 2019. While Tom wants to buy his ex-girlfriend out of the house, Ariana isn’t agreeing to the deal, which Tom said is “petty” of her.

“Ariana is trying to make it out that I am a psychopath for wanting to keep the house that we have,” Tom said on the January 30 podcast episode. “She’s like, ‘Oh, he gave me a shit offer.’ I gave her an offer of $3.1 million. We bought our house for $2.050 [million]. I gave her an offer to buy her out. $3.1 [million] as a buyout.”

“Ariana hasn’t paid a single bill for this house in eight months,” the TomTom owner claimed about his ex. “She hasn’t paid the mortgage. She hasn’t lived there in two or three months. I didn’t live there for the first two months. All her shit is in the master bedroom. She comes and goes. Shows up. Whatever.”

After nine years of dating, Tom and Ariana split in March 2023 because of Tom’s affair with their former co-star, Raquel Leviss. While the exes still technically live together, they’ve each spent time away from their home — and each other — for other opportunities. Tom lived elsewhere while he was filming Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test and on tour with his band. Ariana did the same when she was on Dancing with the Stars, and now she’s living in New York for her Broadway role as Roxie Hart in Chicago.

On the Viall Files, Tom said that Ariana is “being petty” for not letting him buy their house. “She doesn’t want me to have the house. That’s it. I’ve offered her a million dollars over what we bought into it three years prior,” he said, adding that Ariana should buy the house herself if she doesn’t like his offer.

“That’s the petty [move]. ‘I am breaking up with you, and I don’t want anybody to have [it],’ ” he explained. “It’s flipping over the Monopoly board. That’s it. It’s like, ‘I’m losing at Monopoly, so I’m going to flip the Monopoly board over.’ That’s what it is.”

Tom Sandoval
Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix broke up in March 2023 (Photo: Mediapunch/Shutterstock)

Earlier in January, Ariana filed court documents regarding her and Tom’s battle over their shared home. According to PEOPLE, Ariana wants the court to declare a “partition by sale,” which will force the exes to sell their house and split the proceeds. Ariana is also reportedly requesting an “equitable allocation of the proceeds of sale” and is against a “division in kind,” which would allow her and Tom to keep ownership of the property, and thus Tom could sell his share to a third party.

Ariana gave an update on her current living situation with Tom at the VPR season 11 premiere party on January 24. “I own the house,” she told PEOPLE. “I felt like it was the last thing, and I’m just really motivated to be able to get my investment that I made into the house out so that I can make another investment and be able to fully just move on from being tied to that. “I want things a certain way when I think it’s the right time. So I’m ready. I want to own my own home.”