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RHOM’s Nicole Martin Says She Was a ‘Pawn’ in Adriana de Moura’s ‘Master Plan’ Against Alexia Nepola (Exclusive)

Dr. Nicole Martin explains why she feels ''used' by Adriana de Moura after the chaotic Mother's Day brunch that led to multiple people storming out.

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Dr. Nicole Martin has found herself at the center of the feud between Adriana de Moura and Alexia Nepola on this season of The Real Housewives of Miami. After Adriana invited former cast member Ana Quincoces to Nicole’s Mother’s Day brunch, Alexia and Marysol Patton lashed out at Nicole and blamed her for Ana being there. Nicole denied being part of the plot to bring Ana, both on the show and in a new exclusive interview with Hollywood Life.

“Adriana wanted to invite Ana. Adriana invited Ana and Adriana called me and told me, ‘Hey, I’ve been working on my friendship with Ana as well as Lea [Black]. We’re in a good place now. I want to bring her to lunch, is that okay with you?’ She didn’t tell me there was any ulterior motives, no other backstory,” Nicole said. “I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

While she was aware there was beef between the OG Miami girls from back in the day, Nicole thought they all made up so she didn’t expect Alexia and Marysol to be so enraged that Ana was attending the brunch.

“They just started yelling and screaming and then walked out. Had they stayed calm, had they explained things to me, had they been like, ‘Hey, we would like to stay, can you call her and tell her not to come?’ Things would’ve been very different,” Nicole explained. “I would’ve had no problem just calling Adriana and being like, ‘This is causing a mess don’t bring her.’ They didn’t even give me a chance. They were down my throat, yelling, screaming, storming off. I didn’t even have a second to react.”

Dr. Nicole Martin
Dr. Nicole Martin on season 6 of ‘RHOM’ (Photo: Bravo)

Nicole said she feels let down by both Adriana and Julia Lemigova, who learned from Adriana that Ana had information about Alexia’s finances before the bruch, but didn’t say anything.

“Adriana could’ve been honest from the beginning. I think Julia could’ve told me what was going on. I think Alexia and Marysol could’ve spoken instead of yelled at me like a child and then things would’ve ended differently, But unfortunately that wasn’t the way things went down,” Nicole said.

“I feel like I was kind of used,” the pregnant star added. “I was almost like a pawn in Adriana’s master plan, which doesn’t feel good, because I feel like I’ve always been a good friend to Adriana. Last year when everyone turned their back on her at the Bahamas, I still was there for her. I still tried to incorporate the two groups. It definitely felt like I was being used.”

“I wish I would’ve known ahead of time. I wish I could’ve saved my event, but Adriana and I have spoken about it. She’s apologized to me. And even though her confession was kind of wishy-washy on the show, she has assured me that she plans to clear the air at the reunion, so let’s see what happens,” Nicole said.

Going into the season 6 reunion, which is set to tape on Thursday, January 18 in New York City, Nicole wants “the truth” to come out regarding her role in Ana attending her brunch.

“It’s been three years of me constantly being villainized and attacked, despite there never being proof of the allegations, and I think this is going to be no different,” she said. “Adriana has owned it. Ana has gone out and given interviews that I had nothing to do with this. So I’m hoping that Alexia and Marysol will finally see the light…I’m not holding my breath.”

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