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Kaitlyn Bristowe Slams Cheating Allegations After She’s Spotted With Zac Clark Post-Jason Tartick Breakup

The Bachelor Nation personality declared that she won’t ‘stand for this rumor’ and claimed that there is more to the story. 

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Kaitlyn Bristowe
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Kaitlyn Bristowe wasted no time addressing the ongoing allegations that she cheated on her ex-boyfriend Jason Tartick. The Bachelor Nation member, 38, celebrated New Year’s Eve alongside a few friends, including Zac Clark, and fans speculated that he was the reason behind Kaitlyn and Jason’s breakup last year. 

“Hi! Here to say that there was never an ounce of cheating happening, and I will not stand for this rumor,” she commented on an Instagram fan account’s post that assumed the claims were true. “Y’all are NASTY in here. Anywho. Swear on my dogs’ lives. No cheating went on. So we can just put that to rest. Thank you!! Happy new year everyone. Go donate some blood or somethin!”

Later on, Kaitlyn followed up on her statement in a lengthier message that she posted to her Instagram Stories. In it, the former Bachelor personality pointed to all the “hate” she has received over her and Jason’s split. 

“You would think by now I’d be used to the hate. I’m not. Your words hurt. Your shaming hurts,” she began. “Part of me feels a little sad and honestly embarrassed for you guys because this shouldn’t be how you spend day 1 of a new year. You should not be this invested in someone you don’t even know or respect. It’s actually scary, and I know looking inward might be even scarier for you. But the bullying is next level.” 

While pointing out that people are “allowed to have opinions and feelings,” Kaitlyn noted that everyone doesn’t “even know the truth, and your HATE should actually come with consequences.” 

“I truly worry about some of your mental health. It’s not OK. It’s. Not,” she added. “Please. Please feel ashamed of yourselves for treating someone this way who you don’t know. I did not kill someone. I had a party with some of my favorite people. Shame. On. YOU. Not me.”

Elsewhere in her statement, the former ABC star also noted that she is “not one dimensional.” 

“What you see on people’s social media does not mean you know them,” Kaitlyn continued. “Y’all wanna feel big, round and important, but you are small minded and sad. … I wish I could just share my truth and tell you my side. It’s hard to bite my dang tongue sometimes. But you just go on and continue to have your own little made up story in your head and believe what you want to believe.” 

As Kaitlyn noted that she wishes she could tell everyone her “side” of the story, she also posted a screenshot of a text message from an unnamed person, which read, “But like they don’t know the truth or any backstory. It’s wild.”

Last summer, Kaitlyn and Jason, 35, sparked split rumors, and social media users kept berating her for not addressing the rumors at the time. After a few weeks, the former pair confirmed they had broken up but insisted there was no animosity between them.