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‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Admits to Going Skinny-Dipping With Her Husband ‘3 to 4’ Times a Week

The Food Network star and blogger admitted that she and her husband don't own swimsuits to go soak in their brand-new hot tub.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Food Network

Ree Drummond revealed that she and her husband Ladd regularly go skinny-dipping in their hot tub on her Pioneer Woman blog on Friday, December 22. While giving fans an update about the latest addition to their home, she explained that they’d been planning on getting a pool together, but now they have a jacuzzi. There’s just one small problem: neither of them owns a bathing suit.

Ree, 54, explained that she and her hubby have finally added the jacuzzi, after considering a swimming pool. “There’s been a development in the ol’ Drummond marriage, and I’m about to tell you what it is: Ladd and I got a hot tub,” she wrote at the beginning of the blog post. “It makes a much smaller footprint, would be easier to take care of, and our aching joints would surely need it in the coming months and years. Another pro: Now that all the kids are gone from the house, we could have a hope of enjoying a hot tub relatively free of Pringles and pop cans (or other cans!)”

Courtesy of Food Network

The Pioneer Woman star revealed that they never owned bathing suits, so it’s been easier to just jump in nude. “Our hot tub officially became functional toward the end of this summer, and Ladd and I jumped in with both feet,” she said. “We aren’t swimming pool people, neither of us owns a bathing suit. So we waited till dark because I’m shy about my body, traipsed across the yard wrapped in towels, and inched our way into the 103-degree water in our birthday suits.”

Ree continued and said that they’ve “enjoyed it three to four evenings a week ever since” installing it. She explained that even though they’re skinny dipping, she wrote that their activities are actually very tame. “We may be naked, but we typically just sit in the heavenly water, stare up at the smog-free sky, talk about our hopes, dreams, concerns, and fears…and laugh at the dogs,” she wrote.