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Patrick Mahomes Reveals He Regrets Viral Reaction to Chiefs Loss

The quarterback and his Kansas City Chiefs teammates lost to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

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Patrick Mahomes, 28, made many headlines on Sunday, when he appeared visibly upset after he and his NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs, lost to the Buffalo Bills in an intense game. And now, he regrets it. The athlete’s reaction to the loss happened after the Chiefs scored 7 points that were ultimately called back after the team’s receiver Kadarius Toney lined up offsides in a costly penalty. Those 7 points could have helped the team win the game, but instead, they walked away with the lower score. Patrick didn’t hide his disappointment when he was seemingly held back while trying to talk to the referees on the field.

“Obviously, you don’t want to ever react that way,” Patrick told 610 Sports Radio about his reaction on Monday. He also talked about the post-game moment when he was heard on audio expressing frustration to Bills quarterback Josh Allen, which can be seen in the video below. “Wildest f****** call I’ve ever seen. Offensive offsides in that moment, man. f***** terrible,” he said to the fellow football star.

“But more than anything, I regret the way I acted towards Josh after the game because he had nothing to do with it,” Patrick added in his recent radio interview. “I was a little hot and emotional, but you can’t do that, man. It’s not a great example for kids watching the game, so I was more upset about that than me on the sidelines.”

“I care, man. I love it,” he continued. “I love this game, I love my teammates, I want to go out there and put everything on the line to win. But obviously, can’t do that. Can’t be that way toward officials or really anybody in life.”

The play in question involved Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce being thrown the ball and passing it to Kadarius for the touchdown. “I mean, it’s obviously tough to swallow, not only for me but just for football in general,” Patrick added about the penalty. “To take away greatness like that, for a guy like Travis to make a play like that, and who knows if we win.”