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Robyn Brown Is Unsure If She & Kody Brown Will Stay Together: ‘You Never Know’

Robyn Brown admitted that she has 'no idea what the future holds' as she joked with Meri Brown about possibly splitting from Kody Brown.

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Robyn Brown
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Kody Brown and Meri Brown had a tense conversation about their marriage in the November 19 episode of Sister Wives with Robyn Brown. In the midst of tears, there were a few moments of levity. “The only thing is that you never know if Kody and I are gonna stay together,” Robyn, 45, said while sitting next to Kody, 54, and Meri, 52.

Meri laughed, “You never know what’s gonna happen. Another 22 years down the road.” The camera panned over to Kody, who looked less than amused. “That was a bad joke, Kody,” Robyn quickly said.

Kody said he was trying to “think of a comeback,” but nothing came to mind. Robyn apologized to Kody for the joke, but the mood of the conversation definitely shifted.

“We have no idea what the future holds,” Robyn later said in a confessional. “I’m not saying that Kody and I are really gonna split up, but I mean, it’s just like, I deserve my fourth [of the property], too, is what my point is, not to be counted with Kody. I actually get tired of that, to constantly always be counted with Kody.”

Robyn Brown

By the end of the November 19 episode, Kody and Meri decided to end their marriage once and for all. Robyn broke down in tears as another one of Kody’s marriages crumbled. “This isn’t what I wanted,” a tearful Robyn said. Meri agreed with Robyn. “It’s not what I wanted either,” Kody said.

Robyn has always been vocal about how she’s wanted to live plural marriage. It was one of the main reasons Robyn was attracted to Kody in the first place. After Meri and Kody left, Robyn looked out over the Coyote Pass property and broke down over how much everything changed in just a few short years. “I wanted to sit on a porch with my sister wives here on this property with our kids and our grandkids,” Robyn cried.

In a previous episode, Robyn opened up about how Kody’s marriage troubles have left her feeling upset and scared for the future. “I love Kody, but I’ve never wanted to live monogamy, and it feels like more and more that’s where it’s kind of headed, and I feel angry. I’m really angry,” she admitted. “I wanted to live plural marriage, and I’m starting to feel a little tricked or something, or like people are making decisions for my life that I did not choose. It’s making me very angry and very depressed.” The Sister Wives: One on One Special airs November 26 on TLC.