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Harry Jowsey Reveals Why He Actually Appreciates ‘People Hating’ Him & ‘DWTS’ Partner Rylee Arnold

Harry Jowsey reflects on the negative comments he's received, having two of his 'DWTS' dances with Rylee Arnold go viral, and the Taylor Swift song he really wants to dance to next week.

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Harry Jowsey
Image Credit: ABC

Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold have become one of the most surprising pairs of DWTS season 32. While they don’t always get the highest scores, they make up for it with their adorable partnership and viral dances. Hollywood Life spoke exclusively with Harry about the highs and lows of his DWTS journey so far.

Harry, 26, and his partner, 18, have faced criticism online over the course of season 32, and Harry has spoken publicly about how hurtful some of the words have been. “I think the reason why this show and the comments have kind of hit me a little bit harder is because I’m showing a bit more of a vulnerable side of me,” Harry said.

The reality star revealed that he’s “put time limits on my app so that I don’t let it eat me up and consume me because I really want to when I feel a little bit sad. I’m trying to validate that sad feeling by looking for things that are going to make me feel even more sad. I realized that it’s just a big black hole that I keep diving into.”

Harry Rylee
Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold on ‘DWTS.’ (ABC)

Harry said that he loves speaking with fans who enjoy the show, and he’s dedicated to having an “attitude of gratitude” moving forward. “I honestly do appreciate people hating us now because at least they’re emotionally invested in watching us, and they want to see us lose,” Harry admitted. “So that means they’re going to watch the show and that’s great. That’s a win for everyone.”

Dancing with the Stars isn’t just a dancing competition. Viewers can vote for their favorite pairs regardless of their dancing abilities. Harry noted that Rylee has been “so level-headed” about everything that’s been dished her way this season.

“I remember when I first ever got hate, it absolutely crushed me,” Harry said. “She’s been doing this her whole life and loves dance, and for the first time ever, people are kind of coming at her and critiquing her for her passion and something that she loves. I know there was a moment there where it really hit her, and it really made her feel really upset to the point where she just didn’t turn her phone on and didn’t want to be on her phone at all, which sucks.”

Harry admitted that he’s grateful that they’re going through this experience together. “We can help each other through this because it is a part of the job,” the Too Hot to Handle star continued. “It’s kind of what we signed up for when we kind of put ourselves out there to the world. There’s going to be a bunch of people who don’t really like us. But she’s just so incredibly level-headed and mature about how she goes about things. If I had her maturity when I was on reality TV, I would have been in a much better position.”

Despite how some dance purists may feel, there’s no denying that Harry and Rylee have made an impact this season. Their premiere dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body” went viral, and now their team dance to PSY’s “Gangnam Style” is taking over TikTok.

Harry Jowsey
Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold’s viral dance. (ABC)

“It’s just really nuts to be a part of her story and to be a part of the stuff that she does that goes viral,” Harry gushed. “If I’m just a Trojan horse that gets her to go viral, I’m so excited about it.”

Earlier in the season, Harry and Rylee were at the center of dating rumors. With so much going home, Harry told Hollywood Life that he loves how patient Rylee is with him.

“All she’s ever known is to dance with really good dancers that pick it up really quick and who know how to lead and all that stuff,” Harry said. “But just her patience with me and understanding that it takes a little bit longer for the dance and for it all the click and the steps to click and for it to look right… I really, really am envious of her amount of patience and how passionate she is for this. I’ve never met anyone that is so passionate about what they do. So it’s really incredible. I just hope that one day I find my love for something like she’s got her love to dance.”

For Whitney Houston Night, Harry and Rylee will be dancing a Viennese Waltz to “I Have Nothing.” Harry pointed out that this week’s dance is “a little bit slower, a little bit more proper.” He revealed that he’s “really trying to be a perfectionist this week. I’m really trying to dig deep and just understand the bread and butter of the Viennese Waltz and really trying to bring that because the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance was so much fun and we could be a little bit more loose. But this one, I have to show a softer side and have to kind of tell a bit of a story and be a little bit more emotional.”

If Harry and Rylee survive this week’s elimination, they’ll be taking part in the show’s Celebration of Taylor Swift on November 21. Harry named the Taylor Swift song he hopes to dance to if he makes it to the next episode.

“I really want to dance to ‘Love Story,’” he revealed. “I feel like that’s such an iconic song, and I think that was my first ever song I listened to where I was like, ‘Damn, I’m really such a fan of her.’ I would love to do that one, but I don’t know. If we did that one, it would be really cool.” Dancing with the Stars airs Tuesdays on ABC and Disney+.