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Joey Fatone Says Reuniting With NSYNC for New Song Was ‘Like No Time Had Passed’

The NSYNC singer also revealed that he'd 'love to do a full album' with the band in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life.

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Even after 20 years, the magic was not lost for NSYNC! Joey Fatone revealed that it was a seamless reunion when the group got together to record their song “Better Place,” in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life. The singer opened up about NSYNC’s reunion while promoting his partnership with body contouring treatment AirSculpt. When asked about what it was like to get back together with his former bandmates, Joey admits, “It felt like no time has passed.”

While “Better Place” was the first new song that the band had released in 20 years, Joey said that they picked up right back where they left off, especially with Justin Timberlake serving as the song’s producer. “It’s kind of like, ‘Hey, let’s get in there and do what we do.’ All of us have worked with each other in the studio, producing one way or another. It was just natural,” he says.  “We did that even on our old albums. Who was ever writing or producing that album, they were in the room. So with Justin being there, it was kind of like riding a bike. It was like, ‘Hey, let’s get in here and sing the parts. Let’s do what we’ve gotta do.'”

Joey and NSYNC reunite in 2018 to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

It’s been made clear that for now “Better Place” is a one-off single, but Joey did admit that he was open to a larger project in the future, but the band hasn’t discussed future plans. “If we’re going to do more songs, do an album I understand that nowadays, it’s not an album market anymore. It’s a very singles market. you could put an EP or something very small, a couple of songs. Maybe I just feel old school. I would love to do a full album,” he says. “Maybe just go on tour for a minute and then maybe do an album. If everybody’s open to doing it, I think it’s endless of what we can do.”

Joey’s profile results from AirSculpt. (Courtesy of AirSculpt)

Besides the possibility of new music, Joey also revealed that he’s been feeling very good since undergoing body contouring treatment from AirSculpt. AirSculpt is a “minimally invasive treatment” that “permanently removes fat and tightens skin.”

About a month out from his treatment, Joey looks fantastic, and he showed that he’s very happy with the results. “The results of it are crazy as far as with only within a month of how the results have been. I mean my jawline, you can see that now. And the crazy thing is you can’t even see a scar,” he says. “It’s crazy!”

Joey’s stomach results from AirSculpt. (Courtesy of AirSculpt)

Joey also revealed that his recovery time was very fast, explaining that after just two days he had very easily bounced back. “After 48 hours, [it’s] fine. You feel numb. You do go through a little bit of a surgery per se,” he explains. “But you feel great. I didn’t feel bad. I didn’t feel groggy or something like that.”

While he said that he’s not getting “tour ready” with AirSculpt, Joey also touched on NSYNC fans hoping for a reunion tour. Similar to a new album, he said that the group still needs to have a discussion about any possible performances. “I would love to give you an answer. Whether it be yes, whether it be no, I hate saying, ‘I don’t know yet,’ but it is true. I do not know at this moment because we need to still sit down and have a meeting or have a talk,” he tells HL.

Even though nothing is set in stone just yet, Joey does assure that there’s “hope” for the fans. “There is always hope. I’m a big Star Wars fan,” he says. “There’s always a new hope in that matter.”