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Taylor Swift’s ‘Is It Over Now?’ Vault Track Addresses Her Iconic Sad Boat Photo After Harry Styles Split

There's lyrical evidence that Taylor Swift's vault song 'Is It Over Now?' — and maybe the entire '1989' album — is about her relationship with Harry Styles.

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Taylor Swift re-recorded her beloved pop album, 1989, and also dropped five vault tracks including “Is It Over Now?” which references her relationship with Harry Styles. The new song that was released October 27 includes a nod to the iconic January 2013 photo of Taylor, 33, sitting alone on a boat in the Virgin Islands wearing a blue dress and black sunglasses after she and Harry, 29, broke up on vacation. In “Is It Over Now?”, Taylor sings, “Blue dress / On a boat / Your new girl / Is my clone.”

The “Swifties” are going crazy over the references to Harry, who Taylor dated for less than a year before the pop album came out in 2014. It’s long been rumored that 1989 is about the former One Direction member. The lyrics in “Is It Over Now?” certainly support that fan theory.

Taylor alludes to her split from Harry throughout the new vault song. “And did you think I didn’t see you? / There were flashin’ lights/ At least I had the decency / To keep my nights out of sight / Only rumors ’bout my hips and thighs /And my whispered sighs,” she sings.

The Grammy Award winner seems to call Harry out for moving on with Kendall Jenner, 27, after they broke up. Harry was romantically linked to the famous model and reality star briefly in 2013.

“Let’s fast forward to three hundred awkward blind dates later,” Taylor sings. ‘If she’s got blue eyes, I surmise that you’ll probably date her/ You dream of my mouth before it called you a lying traitor/You search in every model’s bed for somethin’ greater, baby.” 

Taylor and Harry broke up during the time that Taylor was creating her 1989 album, which came out in October 2014. The re-recording features her new versions of the 16 original tracks, many of which include nods to Harry. “Style” is a literal play on the British superstar’s last name, while “I Know Places” and “Out Of The Woods” are about a relationship between two people who fight through scrutiny to try and make things work. “Wonderland” includes a reference to Harry when Taylor sings about “green eyes” (Harry has green eyes) and “Cheshire” (which is where he’s from in England).

Despite their breakup over a decade ago, Taylor and Harry are on good terms today. The exes had friendly interactions at the Grammy Awards in both 2021 and 2023. Taylor even stood up and cheered for Harry when he won Best Pop Solo Performance at the award show two years ago.