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Drake Slams ‘Weirdos’ For Questioning His Friendship With Millie Bobby Brown in New Song

The rapper's new tune, 'Another Late Night,' which also features Lil Yachty, comes a few years after it was revealed he was a 'great friend' and 'role model' to the actress.

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Drake, 36, called out the critics of his friendship with Millie Bobby Brown, 19, in a new song. The rapper, who made headlines when his close friendship with the actress went public a few years ago, referenced people he called “weirdos” questioning their bond, in “Another Late Night,” a tune that features Lil Yachty and is included on his new album For All the Dogs.

“My bank account is magnolia, Milly rockin’, ayy/Weirdos in my comments talkin’ ’bout some Millie Bobby, look,” part of the track’s lyrics read. “Bring them jokes up to the gang, we get to really flockin’/Or send a finger to your mama in some FedEx boxes/Open up that sh*t, it’s jaw droppin’, really shockin’, ayy/ I ain’t pretty flacko, bitch, this shit get really rocky, ayy.”

The song’s verse comes after it was revealed that Drake was “a great friend and a great role model” to Millie. After some critics brought up their age difference and other criticism online, the Stranger Things star said it was “weird” for the haters to “make a lovely friendship ur headline” instead of giving “real problems” the same attention, in 2018.

“I’m very blessed to have amazing people in my life,” she added on Instagram at the time. “U dont get to choose that for me.”

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie at an event earlier this year. (Masatoshi Okauchi/Shutterstock)

In addition to online critics, Millie’s ex Jacob Satorius also seemed to shade her friendship with Drake in his song, “We’re Not Friends,” which came out in 2018. In the lyrics, the musician seemed to reference the “Hotline Bling” crooner as his ex’s “advice” giver.

“We’re not friends, we’re not friends / Do you think I really wanna hear about him? / I do it for a reason, not just to be nice / Girl I wanna give you more than good advice,” the lyrics read.

Around the time of the song’s release, Jacob admitted it was written as “kind of as a ‘friend zone’ song,” but didn’t mention Millie or Drake. “It’s basically about being in that position where you want to be more than friends with somebody, and you’re just done hearing about the other guys she’s been with or trying to be with,” he told Billboard.