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Sia Admits to Getting an ‘Amazing’ Facelift After Hiding Her Face for Years

The 'Chandelier' singer revealed undergoing plastic surgery while presenting her doctor with an award for Outstanding Achievement in Medicine at the Daytime Beauty Awards.

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Image Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Sia shouted out her plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei for doing an incredible job giving her a facelift on Sunday, October 1. The popstar, 47, revealed that she’d recently undergone the procedure as she presented him with an honor at the 5th annual Daytime Beauty Awards. She looked fabulous as she took the stage and walked the red carpet, which you can see photos of here. She referenced her own history of hiding her face in her speech celebrating the doctor.

During her speech, she complimented Ben, explaining that she loved her new facelift. “I’m a pop star that normally hides my face and doesn’t lie about s**t,” she said, per E! News“I got an amazing facelift from Dr. Talei. He is incredible. And he is doing so much good work—and not just for the pop stars of the world.”

The This is Acting singer continued and said that she always gives the doctor credit when showing before-and-after photos. “People go, ‘You look nice.’ I’m like, ‘Dr. Ben Talei, face lift’ for like anything you could ever want. I love him, I can’t say enough good about him,” she said.

Sia is seen performing while hiding her face in 2016. (Joe Papeo/Shutterstock)

For the event, Sia rocked a colorful dress with quite a few bright designs all over the dress, including what appeared to be drawings of hearts and pawprints. She also sported a hot pink, bow-styled headpiece. She looked gorgeous in the eye-catching dress, without her signature look of having her hair in her face.

Ben similarly complimented Sia and thanked her for her kind speech, which made him feel “unstoppable,” in an Instagram post. “I’m beyond grateful to have been bestowed this honor and moment by my incredibly amazing friend Sia. Although there were some incredible presenters, everyone in the crowd lost their minds when Sia came on stage like a nuclear firecracker,” he wrote. ” It’s incredible to have someone you love and respect so much do something so nice for you.”

As Sia mentioned in her speech, she did notably keep her face covered for many years. While she often concealed her face for performances and public appearances, she has been more open about sharing it in more recent years, occasionally making appearances without her large wig or accidentally revealing herself during performances.