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Sofia Franklyn Reveals Her Top 5 Dream Podcast Guests: Donald Trump, Olivia Rodrigo and More

The social media personality explained why she also wants Amber Heard to appear on her podcast, ‘Sofia with an F.’ 

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Sofia Franklyn
Image Credit: HollywoodLife / Hunter Moreno

Sofia Franklyn revealed the top five celebrity guests that she wants on her podcast, “Sofia with an F,” during an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife. 

Amber Heard would definitely be one of my dream guests,” she said before explaining why. “I think that the media and the public just did her very dirty. And I’ve been in a similar situation. So, I would love to just hear more from her side. That would be one.” 

The 31-year-old, who is HollywoodLife’s October cover star, pointed out that “the bigger this celebrity [is] doesn’t necessarily mean the better of an episode you’re gonna get or a better conversation.” 

“I’m more interested in hearing people who have something to say and who can say it,” she noted. “There’s so many celebrities that will go on a podcast and they’re, like, ‘My entire PR team is here.’ I can’t say anything. But so, I’d say Amber Heard would be a great one. Olivia Rodrigo, because I need no explanation. And I know she’s a ‘SWAF’ fan.” 

Sofia Franklyn
HollywoodLife / Hunter Moreno

Sofia then revealed that she would also bring Donald Trump onto her show but emphasized that her choice does not come “from a political place.” The social media personality noted she finds him “fascinating” and “would love to have a conversation with him.” As for who Sofia’s “ultimate dream guest” is, she pointed to singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. 

“She’s so mysterious, and I feel like doesn’t talk to anyone. That would be incredible,” Sofia added before revealing her final pick. “I would say for my fifth one, Lady Gaga. They’re all female badass artists, and they both impacted me for sure.” 

Apart from whom she wants to bring on her podcast, the TikTok star also revealed the past negative experiences she had with guests.  

“I have had situations where guests will drink too much before recording, or when they will ask for, you know, certain things to be taken out, which I’m usually very accommodating,” Sofia explained. “But that’s probably when it’s not the best experience when they pregame a little too hard for the recording.” Even so, Sofia noted that she has “been very fortunate.”

As a successful entertainment personality, Sofia has had her fair share of backlash — the most recent being when she said that she asks men for their bank account balance on the first date. However, she emphasized that the scrutiny doesn’t bring her down. 

“I think I haven’t always been that way,” she admitted. “Like, I think I’ve gone through the worst of the worst of it. And so now, it’s kind of like everything is pretty easy. And it takes a lot to actually upset me. I’ve garnered some thick skin for sure.” 

Reporting by Rosie Marder