Kody Brown Admits He ‘Hates’ His Life as Robyn Worries He’ll Leave Her

Kody Brown declared that he hates his life, which has Robyn Brown concerned about the fate of their marriage.

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Kody Brown
Image Credit: TLC

In the wake of his intense fight with Janelle Brown and a divided Christmas among the entire family, Kody Brown felt the pressure in the Sept. 10 episode of Sister Wives. “I just have this gut thing that’s like I’d like to run away from my life. You know, just escape, just change my name, disappear, be somebody else. I just… I hate my life right now,” Kody admitted.

Once Robyn Brown learned about how Kody felt, she became concerned about their future. “It would absolutely devastate me if he decided to leave me. I mean, I know he has these thoughts,” Robyn said. “You can’t make anybody stick around or stay. I know he would regret it, leaving everything behind. I know it’s from pain. It’s not because he’s a selfish or bad person. It’s because he’s in pain.”

Robyn Brown
Robyn Brown in the Sept. 10 episode. (TLC)

Despite Christine Brown leaving Kody and Janelle’s inevitable split, Robyn pointed out that she still approves of plural marriage. “I’ve always wanted to live plural marriage from the time that I was a young woman,” Robyn revealed. “This is what I’m invested in, and so for him to question it is like… it feels a little bit like a dealbreaker of our marriage. This is not what our marriage agreement is.”

Gabriel and Garrison, two of Janelle’s sons, did not visit Robyn, Kody, or Meri Brown for Christmas. Gabriel admitted that he felt “absolutely neglected” by Robyn and Kody for not reaching out about Christmas.

Robyn was upset to learn that Janelle’s sons “did not want to be around me and my kids or Kody for Christmas.” She added, “That was very heartbreaking for me.” A tearful Robyn that she would have “pushed” and tried to make it happen if she’d known the boys were open to it.

Janelle Brown
Janelle Brown in the Sept. 10 episode. (TLC)

Amid the family drama, Robyn and Kody did spend time with Christine’s kids, Mykelti, Truely, and Ysabel after Christmas. However, Janelle revealed that there had been “no communication” between Savannah and Kody about seeing each other. “I don’t think it’s her place to chase him and say, ‘I want to see you, Dad.'” New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays on TLC.