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Jamie Lynn Spears Reveals Her 2 Daughters Have ‘Little Debut’ Cameos In ‘Zoey 102’: ‘Proud Moment’

The 'Zoey 101' star revealed her girls are about to make mini debuts in...what else? 'Zoey 102!'

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Jamie Lynn Spears made her name in beloved Nickelodeon Hit Zoey 101, so it makes sense that her two daughters would make their big debuts in Zoey 102 In a new interview, the 32-year-old actress explained that Maddie Aldridge, 15, and Ivey Joan, five, are set to appear in cameos in the upcoming film — and she’s thrilled. “Having my two girls be a part of this film and get to make their little debut cameo, if you will, it was so special because they got to do it together,” she told ET for a July 20 interview. “And also, my daughter’s friend got to do it with her who’s like another child to me.”

Jamie Lynn Spears
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Jamie Lynn, who also appeared in Sweet Magnolias, went on to proclaim herself proud of the girls. “Just seeing those two worlds collide, it was a really proud moment for me as a mom,” she told the outlet. “[Maddie] told me she liked what she saw — the set and saw the production and what it was. She was like, ‘Mom, I can’t believe that, like, they’re all here because this is the movie that you’ve created.’ And that made me feel really proud as a mom that she recognized that and saw you can do big things. It doesn’t matter. And seeing her be a part of it was just, it was really a special moment.”

And while she’s certainly a Zoey 101 expert, the actress admitted she sought guidance from her 15 year old daughter on how to approach the movie version 18 years later. “Certain things I did ask her about,” she confessed. “I’m like, ‘Who’s the people that are cool? Who are the people we want to be a part of this?’ And she told me the movie was cool. So, you know, job well done. Probably should’ve given her an EP credit,” she joked.

But a major motivator, the Special Forces star said, was helping her daughters create the “life they want” by setting an example. “I think it all comes down to the fact that I do want my daughters to create the life they want,” she said in part. “So how else can I teach them that by trying to do it myself?”

Zoey 102 is set to stream on July 27.