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Collin Gosselin Accuses Mom Kate Of Institutionalizing Him Over Speaking Out About Alleged ‘Abusive’ Behavior

Collin Gosselin claimed in a new interview that his famous mother Kate allegedly sent him to a mental hospital in order to keep him quiet about alleged abuse.

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Collin Gosselin says his mother Kate Gosselin, 48, sent him to a psychiatric hospital to silence his alleged claims of abuse. “I was starting to tell my teachers that, you know, my mother was — can I use the word abusive or are they not allowed to use that on air?” Collin, 19, said during an interview on Vice TV’s The Dark Side of the 2000s.

A producer on the episode, titled “Jon & Kate Plus 8: Family Circus,” then asked the teen, “Are you trying to say your mother was abusive to you?” Collin responded bluntly with, “Well, yeah, that’s kind of the reason why she sent me away. I was starting to tell people what was going on at home and, you know, she caught wind of that and had to put me somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to get the secrets out.” HollywoodLife reached out to Kate’s rep for a comment, but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

Kate Gosselin

Collin further leveled accusations that Kate didn’t reach out to him following a horrific car crash in 2022, and claimed Kate “drove a social barrier” between Collin and his siblings, whom he hasn’t spoken to since 2016, when he was sent away. “She told them the story one way, and obviously I see the story a different way.”

Collin’s allegation over Kate’s reasons for sending him to the Fairmount Behavioral Health Institute in Philadelphia at the age of 12 is the latest in a yearslong drama between the famous family. But Kate, who co-starred with ex Jon Gosselin, 46, on John & Kate Plus 8 for 11 seasons, has steadfastly denied any claims of abuse.

When asked by Good Morning America in a 2016 interview about Collin bringing up the alleged abuse to staffers and a subsequent child services investigation, she balked. “I’m in the public eye,” she said. “I’ve been investigated many times. It’s always unfounded, obviously.”

Collin and Jon Gosselin

Kate also said in the interview that sending Collin away was “not even really a choice,” and was made “on the advice of his doctors, and it had to happen.” She added, “this is the best thing I can do for him right now, and so that comforts me.” But Collin told Vice TV it was a “dark” time for him. “Being in an institution, it took a toll on me mentally,” he recalled. “It was a really, really dark place. All I had was myself. I didn’t have anybody else. I had no support system. It was scary. I was confused. I was lost.”

John and Kate, who divorced in 2009, share twins Mady and Cara, and sextuplets Collin, Leah, Hannah, Alexis, Aaden and Joel. Jon eventually gained custody of Hannah and Collin after a 2018 filing, but the drama continued. In 2020, Collin leveled accusations via social media that his father was “beating” him and calling him a “liar.” No charges were filed, and Collin appears to still have a solid relationship with his dad, despite the accusations.