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Kate & Jon Gosselin’s War Over Hannah: Violent Battle That Reportedly Landed Sextuplet In Hospital

Jon & Kate Gosselin's custody battle exploded when their daughter Hannah reportedly refused to leave her dad's car during a heated custody exchange. The fight was supposedly SO bad the teen got hurt!

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Kate and Jon Gosselin
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After eight whole years, Jon Gosselin, 40, and Kate Gosselin, 42, still haven’t figured out their custody issues! In fact, the pair proved just how bad things are on Aug. 15 when a routine custody exchange apparently erupted into a violent ordeal that reportedly involved three police officers and even an ambulance, according to InTouch magazine. It all started when their 13-year-old daughter Hannah refused to leave her father and go with Kate in compliance with the parents’ visitation schedule. Hannah, who’s one of Jon and Kate’s sextuplets, reportedly “couldn’t stop screaming” in a parking lot off a Pennsylvania highway, which led Kate to attempt to physically remove her hysterical daughter from her ex’s car.

The ugly scene took place in front of police officers, according to the magazine, and the publication claims it was also caught on video. The showdown ended with Hannah claiming she was injured and then being taken to a hospital via ambulance. InTouch also claims to have a word-for-word account of the wild exchange. If the transcript is accurate, this fight was NOT pretty. “No! Stop, please, stop! Let go of me, Mommy!” Hannah reportedly screamed to Kate as the Kate Plus 8 star tried to pull her from Jon’s vehicle. Click here to see pics of the Gosselin kids then & now.

While Kate was trying to convince Hannah to come with her — and even trying to physically remove her from the car — Hannah was reportedly screaming the entire time. Jon, on the other hand, was reportedly encouraging Hannah to “keep fighting it” and to “hold on.” “If you don’t want to go, put up a fight,” Jon said according to the magazine. “You have brothers and sisters who need to see you!” Kate reportedly said to Hannah. “…Honey, but I love you! Come on! Hannah!” Jon continued pressing Hannah to stay strong. “Hold on,” he told his daughter. “Hold on. If you don’t want to go, don’t go. I can’t help you. Hold on. Hold on.”

The emotional showdown apparently lasted three hours, but the drama had been “brewing for days,” according to InTouch. “Jon and Kate had an emergency hearing with a judge [on Aug. 11] after Hannah refused to go back to Kate’s house,” an insider told the mag. “The judge granted Jon equal custody of Hannah until he and Kate go to trial.” Now, custody of all their sextuplets: Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Joel, and Leah, is reportedly at stake. “The trial will determine if Jon gets 50/50 custody of the sextuplets,” the insider added. “He desperately wants to see his kids more.”

Hannah however, does not want to be with Kate. “Poor Hannah cries sometimes when she leave her dad, but never to this extent. Kate called the police, who called Jon to set up an exchange spot,” the source revealed. Hannah still refused to leave Jon though, which is when the cops called the judge. “He told the officers to tell Hannah that if she didn’t go home  with her mother, he was going to stick her in foster care. Hannah said, ‘Ok, I will go to foster care.'”

Kate was then reportedly told by police that she could “remove Hannah from the car,” an insider told the media outlet. She “proceeded to unlock Hannah’s seat belt and grab her in an attempt to pull her out.” However, as she tried to pry the 13-year-old from the car, Hannah resisted. The tugging and pulling reportedly didn’t stop until the police called an ambulance for Hannah, who said that her arm was hurt. Once at the hospital, “Kate told the police she thought Jon was a danger and Hannah needed to be protected,” the insider said. “So the police removed Jon while Hannah was being treated.” Yikes!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you surprised Kate and Jon are STILL having custody issues? Do you think Kate will maintain full custody of all eight children?