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Jon Gosselin Reveals When Collin Will Be Living With Him ‘Full Time’: Plus, Plans For School & More

Collin Gosselin will be living with his dad full-time after a custody hearing on Dec. 4, and we got the EXCLUSIVE scoop straight from Jon about what's next for the 14-year-old.

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Collin Gosselin, 14, is still finishing up his time at an inpatient treatment center — his mom, Kate Gosselinrevealed in 2016 that he has ‘special needs — but it won’t be long before he’s officially living with his dad, Jon Gosselin. “It’ll be before Christmas,” Jon told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at WeTV’s ‘Real Love: Relationship Reality TV’s Past, Present & Future’ event on Dec. 11. “We’re working out all the details now, all the transition[s] and all of that stuff.” Jon was awarded custody of Collin after Kate failed to show up to a Dec. 4 court hearing, and Jon told us that the teenager has “no” relationship with his mother.

Jon also has custody of Hannah Gosselin, 14, one of the sextuplets, along with Collin and four others who still live with Kate. “I’ve learned a lot about girls lately,” Jon admitted. “It’s very difficult being a single father.” However, he added that he thinks things with a boy, like Collin, will be “way easier.” The 14-year-old will be living with Jon “full time,” rather than heading back to the boarding school he previously attended for his “special needs.” “He’ll go to the same school as Hannah [now],” Jon explained. “He’ll transition and all of that stuff.”

Along with Hannah, Jon also lives with his girlfriend, Colleen, who has a daughter, Jordan, in college (she often visits the home, according to Jon) and a son, Jesse, who goes to school in New York and only comes home “sometimes.” “[Collin and I] live in a house full of girls, so girls rule and boys drool,” Jon joked. “We have to do anything that the girls do.”

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Had a good weekend visit with Collin at home!

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However, this had solidified a special bond between Jon and Collin. “We eat and play Call of Duty together and just hangout,” he dished. “We run errands. He’s good! He’s a great kid.”

Collin visited Jon for the first time in three years back at the beginning of November. However, they still saw each other once in a while before that. Jon revealed that Collin only talks to Hannah out of his seven brothers and sisters, but insisted that, as a father, he’s hopeful that his son will have a “sibling relationship” with the rest of the kids at some point.