‘Claim To Fame’ Exclusive Preview: Kevin Jonas Leaves Franklin Behind Ahead Of New Challenge

Kevin and Franklin Jonas break down the new challenge before Kevin speeds away from his baby bro after getting a call from Nick.

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The celebrity relatives will be blindfolded for their next challenge in the July 17 episode of Claim To Fame. Franklin Jonas tests the blindfolds out in this EXCLUSIVE preview, and he definitely can’t see a thing. He wanders around a field while Kevin Jonas sits and relaxes.

Franklin Kevin Jonas
Franklin and Kevin Jonas are the hosts of ‘Claim To Fame.’ (ABC)

Kevin explains that the contestants will be “feeling their way around a series of clues” in the new challenge. Franklin, still blindfolded, finds his way to Kevin’s chair. Franklin is curious as to what kind of clues the contestants will be able to decipher from this challenge.

Suddenly, Kevin gets a call from Nick Jonas. Kevin quickly jumps into his golf cart and leaves Franklin behind. He tells Nick that he can have dinner with him later. Franklin, who still can’t see, yells at Kevin to help him find his way back to the house. Kevin doesn’t turn back! Talk about big brother energy.

The synopsis for the July 17 episode reads, “New friendships are formed while strategies come to light. In the Feeling Famous challenge, teams must feel their way through a statue garden full of clues while blindfolded, aiming to name the objects and gain more knowledge about fellow players.”

Franklin Jonas
Franklin Jonas guides the contestants during the new challenge in the July 17 episode. (ABC)

There have been 3 reveals so far in Claim To Fame season 2. Carly Reeves, Tom Hanks’ niece, was the first celebrity relative to be revealed. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son, Travis, revealed his identity in the second episode, followed by Dolly Parton’s niece, Jada Star, in the third episode.

Season 2 started out with 12 celebrity relatives coming together under one roof and hiding their lineage in hopes of winning the $100,000 prize. The contestants have had to undergo a series of challenges that reveal clues, which makes trusting one another very complicated. New episodes of Claim To Fame season 2 air Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC before The Bachelorette.