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Frankie Jonas Teases Major ‘Sleuthing’ To Figure Out Celeb Relatives On ‘Claim To Fame’

Frankie and Kevin Jonas team up as co-hosts of 'Claim To Fame.' HL spoke with the youngest Jonas brother about working with his older brother and all the 'sleuthing' that's about to go down.

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Claim To Fame is about to take game shows to a whole new level. Frankie and Kevin Jonas are the hosts of the new ABC series that features 12 celebrity relatives living under one roof and how are concealing their identities in the quest for their own fame and fortune. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Frankie about Claim To Fame, which will have viewers trying to guest famous celebrity relatives right from the beginning.

Frankie Kevin Jonas
Frankie and Kevin Jonas are the hosts of ‘Claim To Fame.’ (ABC)

“I think that there’s going to be quite a lot of sleuthing the moment the show starts, and I implore people to handle it as Kevin and I did and just be patient. When you get the reveal, it’ll be so much more worth it,” Frankie told HollywoodLife at ABC’s summer press junket.

When it comes to clues, Claim To Fame gives away a lot of them through the challenges. Each clue is another hint at the celebrity relative’s identity. “Yes, you get immunity. Yes, there are other ways to play the game involved in the challenges, but for the most part of the challenge is to give away the most vital information that you’ve got to pay attention to,” Frankie stressed.

He also noted, “You have a house that is filled — every single nook and cranny is filled — with clues to each other’s celebrity relatives. So all day long, they’re just theorizing and theorizing and theorizing. It gets so, so, so intriguing so quickly.” The contestants will compete in these challenges, form alliances, and play DNA detectives in hopes of avoiding elimination and winning the $100,000 prize.

Frankie relished the opportunity to work with his oldest brother, Kevin, on the show. “When I think of working behind a camera or in front of a camera, I think of working with Kevin,” Frankie said. “The last thing I did behind the camera was Camp Rock 2 with him 14-13 years ago, and so now to do this, it just makes sense.”

Frankie Kevin Jonas
Frankie and Kevin Jonas on ‘Claim To Fame.’ (ABC)

Frankie’s brothers rose to fame as the Jonas Brothers, while he began carving his own path on TikTok. Frankie is excited about what the future holds for his career. “There’s a lot that I’ve been working on. I think that this opens up so many beautiful opportunities,” Frankie told HollywoodLife. “And thank God for TikTok because it opened up so many beautiful opportunities, including this one. I think that there’s so much to the future that I’m just looking forward to that I think anything could happen. Anything.” Claim To Fame will air Mondays on ABC.