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Sam Asghari Speaks Out After Security Guard Slaps Britney Spears: I Hope He ‘Learns A Lesson’

Sam Asghari also called for a change in how women are treated in the entertainment and sports industries in his lengthy messages about the incident.

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Sam Asghari has broken his silence regarding the July 6 report that a member of  San Antonio Spurs player Victor Wembanyama’s security team slapped Britney Spears after she approached him while they were at the same Las Vegas restaurant on Wednesday, July 5. “I am opposed to violence in any form, especially without justification in the defense of yourself or someone else who is unable to defend themselves,” the model and actor began in a July 6 note shared to his Instagram Story. “Self-defense can be unavoidable, but the defense of any woman, especially my wife, is not debatable.”

“I consider my reaction subdued considering what occurred, and I hope the man in question learns a lesson and changes his disregard for women,” Sam, 29, continued. “Thank you for the support.” It’s not clear how Sam reacted, as it is just known that he was present during the altercation.

Sam shared a second and longer message to his Instagram Story in which he supported the 19-year-old ball player. “The violent behavior of an out-of-control security guard should not cast a shadow on the accomplishment of a great young many on the rise,” he wrote, tagging Victor. “The blame should fall on the coward who did this, the people who hired him without proper vetting, and a systemic culture of disregard for women within sports and entertainment.”

Sam added, “I can’t imagine a scenario where an unarmed female fan showing any kind of excitement or appreciation for a celebrity would cause her to be physically assaulted, much less being hit in the face for tapping someone on the shoulder. The changes needed will have to come from the top, and I look forward to those changes.” Sam, however, deleted the second part of his statement shortly after posting it.

Following the incident, the security guard, named Damian Smith (via TMZ), the Director of Team Security for the Spurs, apologized to the “Circus” singer, 41. “You understand how it is when you’re being swarmed by fans,” he reportedly reasoned with her, per the outlet. The security guard slapped Britney at Catch restaurant at the ARIA Hotel. She reportedly walked up to Victor to ask for a photo and tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. As Victor had just been swarmed by fans, the security guard seemingly had enough and took his hand to Britney’s face before realizing who she was.

Victor spoke out about the incident on Thursday as well, claiming Britney “grabbed [him] from behind”, which Britney denied in her own statement she issued shortly after her husband did. Read her full statement about the incident, which she called “traumatic” and “embarrassing” HERE.

Las Vegas Police confirmed to HollywoodLife on July 6 that they responded to a battery investigation at 11 p.m. on Las Vegas Boulevard on Wednesday and that Britney filed a police report. No arrests have been made. HollywoodLife reached out to a rep for Britney and did not get a timely response.